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    Leadership is the backbone of any successful team. It is the driving force that shapes the culture, impacts individuals, and ultimately propels a team toward its goals. 

    “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” — Jack Welch

    The Power of Leadership

    At Databox, we focus on developing our Playmakers across three dimensions: career, leadership, and personal development. In September, we put a heavier focus on leadership development with Databox Leadership Week, an on-site training designed to enhance communication skills, foster effective team leadership, and unlock the true potential of our leaders.

    Helping our leaders, first-line especially, develop leadership competencies positively impacts team development and facilitates building a high-performance culture. Therefore, investing in building their competencies is an investment in our success.

    Databox Leadership Week

    Leading the Way: Our Leadership Principles

    At Databox, we understand that leadership isn’t just about being at the forefront—it’s about bringing people together, fostering connections, and collectively steering the ship toward success. Our Leadership Principles are essential for establishing a strong, ethical, and effective leadership culture within Databox. They provide guidance, alignment, and accountability. By implementing them, our leaders can move their team, themselves, and the company toward success. 

    1. Build Great Teams: Find, develop, and retain top talent while considering alignment and a team-first mentality as must-haves. 

    2. Lead by Example: Inspire your team by putting forward your best effort each day. 

    3. Make Data-Driven Decisions: Encourage your team to make data-driven decisions to maximize our productivity and results.

    4. Plan & Prioritize: Seek input from everyone and prioritize initiatives that impact our business most.

    5. Create an Extraordinary Experience: Prioritize our product and service while continuously working toward improving it.

    6. Aim for a Big Impact: Keep raising the bar and strive to better your team and yourself.

    Elevating Leadership Development with Leadership Week

    Our on-site training was designed to elevate leadership excellence within Databox. We wanted to unite leaders across different teams and locations, encourage in-person interaction, forge stronger bonds, and promote cross-functional collaboration. Leaders that not only guide their teams but also inspire them to achieve greatness are those that make a difference. 

    Our vision for this training was to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to excel. The focus was on the following topics:

    1. Enhancing public speaking skills, developing assertive and efficient communication techniques, and learning competency in persuasive discourse with communication coach and rhetoric expert Meta Grošelj
    2. Learning about building high-performing teams and improving team efficiency with Aljaž Godec, Head of People and Culture Team at Databox
    3. Practicing agile leadership with Maja Majstorović Hajduković, an Expert in HR processes and organizational culture
    Databox Leadership Week

    Engaging in Effective Communication

    Communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. During Leadership Week, we delved into the nuances of communication, from the art of persuasion to building confidence in public speaking. Our leaders honed their skills in assertive communication and walked away with enhanced communication abilities.

    Leading High-Performing Teams

    High-performing teams are the driving force behind any successful organization. Participants explored strategies for building and leading such teams, focusing on agility and efficiency. We’re better equipped to foster a high-performance culture by empowering our leaders with these insights.

    Practicing Agile Leadership

    Agile leadership empowers leaders to guide their teams confidently in rapidly changing environments. It involves being responsive, open to innovation, and capable of showing teams how to pivot and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Ultimately, this fosters a culture of flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement, driving individual and organizational success.

    Bringing Leaders Together: A Unifying Experience

    During Leadership Week, the significance of bringing our leaders together was impactful. While our hybrid team confidently and efficiently adopts remote collaboration, there’s something special about bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, teams, and locations. It fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose that resonates far beyond the event.

    Since the training included interactive workshops and encouraged discussions among participants, face-to-face communication allowed our team to connect and build trust and understanding. The relationships the participants developed can lead to valuable collaborations, idea-sharing, and team spirit across Databox.

    A Week in Review: Highlights and Transformations

    As Leadership Week concluded, our leaders reflected on the insights gained and transformations witnessed. It was a week filled with remarkable growth, collaboration, and team spirit. We have successfully enhanced our leaders’ skills, strengthened a culture of collaboration, and provided them with tools to drive our company’s success further.

    Databox Leadership Week

    Leadership Week was not just a standalone event but a catalyst for continuous growth. By continuously investing in leadership programs and initiatives, we are creating a culture of leadership that will continue to move Databox forward.

    To read more about Leadership Development at Databox, read this blog.

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