Drift Conversations: Where They Happen & Where They Come From

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    I needed a better way to understand where our conversations from Drift were coming from most.

    We are spending a lot of time and energy on creating a website that drives new conversations, but focusing on driving new traffic to that website was something that we could only do if we could measure the performance of each campaign.

    I realized there was a void in the space of being able to track the source of any and all goals or conversions in Google Analytics without an expensive third-party tool.

    By pairing Databox and Google Analytics, we can now show these metrics in a very succinct way without worrying about using any specific tool as our conversion or goal metric.

    As we build more and more campaigns with Drift Playbooks, as well as more chatbots, this will be even more important in the future. That’s why getting started now with a strong foundation and setting goals against metrics that we understand better is as important as the conversions themselves.

    To really cover this topic, I recorded two new Data Snacks.

    The first covers the basics of setting up the Drift integration in Google Analytics. The second shows the metrics we can now track, why they’re important, and what it all means.

    *Editor’s note: Chris from ClosedWon has just announced that they will be doing Databox Office Hours to help people with stuff like this and to make sense of their unique data. As a bonus, when you click this link you might find that there is a special chatbot experience just for you ; )

    Part 1: Setting up Drift with Google Analytics

    Part 2: Attribution for Your Drift Conversations

    There is a lot of strategic work involved to truly adopt conversations as a company-wide strategy.

    When we work with companies to implement conversations and more direct communication with customers–like chat through Drift–into their sales cultures, we tend to have more face to face discussions in Zoom or in a room.

    The tools we use to design strategy are sticky notes and whiteboards.

    We are talking about the process and how we can transform the company into a more customer-driven organization.

    As we develop these GamePlans, there are usually compromises on all sides.

    The ones that “get it” though, are the ones that tend to start with the customer experience first and adapt their process and the tools they use to meet it.

    On the other side of it, we eventually have to roll up our sleeves and match the technology with the people and process decided upon. That means really understanding the tools, what they are capable of, and how they co-exist with the other technologies that the company is already using.

    By far, the most widely adopted marketing technology today is Google Analytics. So we set out to have the most robust and best way to help companies see their Drift data, conversions, and goals in Google Analytics.

    And so, tonight in the ClosedWon Lab, I recorded another Data Snack about something we created for you.

    Yes, you out there, who uses both Google Analytics and Drift. You can now use them together and get meaningful information back.

    When you dig in to some of the more advanced documents and combine the power of Drift events with Google Analytics events tracking, you get magic. The kind of magic that Databox can unlock and deliver to you in an easy to understand way on an ongoing, real-time basis.

    The Databoard used in this episode of Data Snacks is designed to help you with attribution modeling for your conversations. In plain English, that means this Databoard answers the following questions:

    • Where are my conversations coming from?
    • Where are the most conversations happening on my website?
    • Which social channels are driving the most new conversations and the most leads to my website?

    It also helps to present a clear view in a funnel format of:

    • how many people engage with your welcome messages
    • compared to how many people actually start a chat.
    • compared to how many people actually become a known lead
    • and finally compared to how many people book meetings on your website

    Grab some time during my office hours and I can help you set this up.

    All these things combined give you an incredible new view of the inputs that cause the outputs and can help sustain the behaviors that your marketing team has that are driving the most action.

    Learn more about ClosedWon’s GamePlan for Drift.

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    Chris Handy is co-founder at ClosedWon.com. He believes most companies have forgotten when and how to start meaningful conversations that drive new business. Connect with him online at chrishandy.blog or @chrishandyblog

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