53 Digital Marketers Share Their Top-Performing Blog Posts from 2017

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    Peter Caputa

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    In 2017, it became harder than ever before to write content that would rank for organic search terms or get shared on social media.

    Marketers now release over 2 million new blog posts every day!

    Most marketing topics have been covered extensively by thousands of bloggers from across the world. Most of these blog posts are junk, but they do make it difficult for searchers to find the information that they are looking for.

    Marketers are forced to fight over ever-diminishing returns for their content marketing efforts. We wanted to learn how to escape this game and create memorable content for prospects.

    It is easy to continue to repeat your content formula over and over, and watch as it becomes less effective. We were curious to see which pieces of content revealed new strategies that better matched the problems that prospects faced.

    So, we polled top digital marketers to find articles that have gotten a disproportionately positive response from their audience. Here are their most popular posts.

    Popular Blog Post Topics

    Inbound Marketing

    Stop Creating High-Level Fluffy Content That No One is Reading”

    Carolyn Hansen 
    StoryTeller Media

    Traction: 100 shares in less than a month

    Article Summary: “We’ve noticed a huge decline in the quality of content that companies are creating and the desire to just keep creating content for the sake of creating it. This article is a call to action for all marketers to stop this bad habit.”

    Company Purpose: “We’re committed to helping companies create journalistic brand content that will help them connect with their audiences rather than sell at them.”


    6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Campaign Plans Fail (And How To Fix Them!)”

    Alex Embling
    Strategic Internet Consulting

    Traction: 4450 views

    Article Summary: “Inbound campaigns contain many moving parts that can be complex to coordinate, especially for small marketing teams. HubSpot is correct in saying that strategy and process are two main contributors to Inbound success; failed campaigns are often the result of easily avoided strategic mistakes. This post outlines common errors we see people making with inbound campaigns (from poor planning, to directionless content, to not mapping to financial goals) – and explores how to avoid them.”

    Company Purpose: “We specialize in helping some of the worlds largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines. Our core services include inbound marketing & sales enablement, account-based marketing, modern lead generation digital strategies and web development.”


    “139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)”

    Robbie Richards

    Traction: 5000 views. 1000 views in first day of posting.

    Article Summary: “With millions of blog posts published daily, finding the good stuff in all that noise can be hard. So we created a comprehensive list of the 139 content marketing blogs every marketer should follow.”

    Company Purpose: “SnapApp empowers marketers to create the kinds of personalized, interactive experiences that activate buyers, accelerates leads through the funnel, and unleashes growth. Our interactive content creation platform is easy to use, with a simple, drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require being a designer or developer to create a wide variety of content types across multiple channels. And robust integrations into top marketing automation tools let you collect information that improves marketing efforts and accelerate leads through the funnel.”


    9 Ways To Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

    Sean Henri
    Pepperland Marketing

    Traction: 3,438 organic views

    Article Summary: Cold calling isn’t fun, and for most, simply doesn’t work. In this article we share 9 different effective strategies for generating qualified leads without disrupting people with unexpected and unwanted phone calls. It resonates because it provides helpful alternatives to one of the most hated activities in sales.

    Company Purpose: We’re great at diving through the data to uncover hidden opportunities that can really move the needle. We want to help our clients move past all the BS to the work that will actually make an impact, helping them to hit their traffic, lead generation and revenue goals.



    77 Pieces of Advice for Podcast Guests from Hosts

    Dan Moyle
    Interview Valet

    Traction: We turned the post into Instagram images and each image gets shared, giving the article life beyond the publish date. Since our traffic is small, our 200 views are good for us.

    Article Summary: In 2017 we set out to tell the story of the state of podcast interviews. In the survey (sent to 10,000 podcasters, listeners and marketers), we asked each respondent to give advice to the “other side” of the podcast equation. In this article, we share advice from hosts on how to be a great guest.

    Company Purpose: We help our clients reach their ideal audience through podcast interviews. We also teach them how to use social media promotion and to build welcome pages for SEO and conversion.


    Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies

    Vicki Woschnick
    Weidert Group

    Traction: 143,990 views, 141 new contacts

    Article Summary: This article is designed to help you explore the best marketing tactics for any business situation—whether B2B or B2C! There are two top 10 lists (one for B2B, one for B2C).

    Company Purpose: Weidert Group is a full-service business-to-business Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner. We specialize in inbound marketing and sales programs for Industrial companies and the industries that serve them.



    Yosef Silver
    Search Interactions

    Traction: 450o views

    Article Summary: Writing content that stands out from the noise is complicated. That’s why I share these six tips with my clients to help ensure their content is interesting and relevant to their audience.

    Company Purpose: Digital marketing is confusing and you want to focus on building your brand. I work with clients to cut through the noise and create Fusion between marketing channels to deliver a goal-centric campaign.


    You’re creating culture not just content, so think like an artist

    Rai-mon Nemar Barnes
    CodeSwitch LLC

    Traction: Over one hundred shares

    Article Summary: Stop creating content and share your culture like an artist would.

    Company Purpose: We help marketers comb through the clutter and get to what matters most to be successful as a marketer, reaching business goals and projecting company values.


    10 Account-Based Marketing Blogs To Kick-Start 2018

    Lucy Jones
    Strategic Internet Consulting

    Traction: Current CTR of 21.54%

    Article Summary: For anyone considering or continuing an Account-Based Marketing strategy in 2018, this post collates advice across 10 ABM posts we published in 2017 – all designed to kick start the new year.

    Company Purpose: Strategic IC is an Inbound to Account-Based Marketing agency. We specialise in helping some of the world’s largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines. Our core services include inbound marketing, sales enablement, account-based marketing, modern lead generation digital strategies and web development.


    10 Questions to Ask Customers for Powerful Video Testimonials

    Bill Peatman
    Alaniz Marketing

    Traction: 12,063 views in 2017!

    Article Summary: This blog gives people the questions to ask to get great testimonials. Readers like because it doesn’t tell them how to ask questions, it gives them the questions to ask.

    Company Purpose: Alaniz Marketing specializes in helping pre-digital companies embrace and succeed with digital marketing, and we help startups get started with digital marketing.


    Copywriting vs. Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy: What’s the Difference?

    Erik Norsted
    Olive & Company

    Traction: Multiple top 3 keyword rankings and a featured snippet

    Article Summary: Although much of the article is simply intended to define core “content” concepts, the post also speaks to the overriding importance of content throughout all aspects of brand marketing. Understanding each of these concepts is the first step in knowing how to use credible, authoritative content to connect audiences with brands.

    Company Purpose: Olive & Company provides brand marketing solutions for growth-minded organizations striving to stand out from the competition and connect with target audiences. We specialize in building authentic brands and compelling digital marketing experiences.


    Ten Ways to Promote Your Blog Online

    Michael Rand
    Market Veep

    Traction: Over 200 Views

    Article Summary: This is a short article outlining ten free ways to promote your business blog content online once you’ve written it. The tips are all common practice for most marketers, but businesses that are new to marketing don’t always know about them. Most importantly, they are all easy tips that cost nothing and can be done in under 30 minutes, so the reader has something to walk away with even if they don’t convert.

    Company Purpose: Market Veep acts as a full-service, outsourced marketing department. Our team helps businesses create a digital marketing strategy and handles all the daily tasks associated with it. As inbound marketers, our goal is to attract and convert leads according to our clients’ goals so that they can close more sales.


    “How to Beat Google’s Mobile Page Speed Benchmarks”

    Brad Smith

    Traction: 7000 views, shared over 1000 times

    Article Summary: “Google recently unveiled new mobile site speed benchmarks. The vast majority of websites are way over them. That affects visibility, rankings, on-site experience, and conversions. This article tells you how to fix that issue.”

    Company Purpose: “We create long-form, data-driven content for the best SaaS & marketing service companies on the planet.”


    “The Difference Between Direct and Organic Search Traffic Sources”

    Andrew Macey
    SmartBug Media

    Traction: 37,000 views

    Article Summary: “This article describes the difference between direct and organic traffic for newbie marketers. The author also includes links to other SmartBug articles on SEO, keywords, and blogging consistently for people looking for advice on organic reach.”

    Company Purpose: “SmartBug Media helps businesses increase sales leads, close customers, and enhance the reach of their brands (for the last 10 years!). We do this by creating strategies based on sound data and then executing campaigns through best practices and the lessons learned from hundreds of clients.”


    25 Mind-Bottling SEO Stats for 2017

    Pat Ahern

    Traction: First page ranking for the keyword “SEO Stats” – 8.2k views and 5mins avg time on page

    Article Summary: Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any content marketing effort. Great content should always be supported with the proper title tag, meta description, social share buttons, and inlinks to increase the likelihood of user engagement and ultimately, rankings.

    Company Purpose: Junto is the digital marketing agency that collaborates with the world’s top vetted freelancers to provide web development, traffic generation, and lead generation services. Our Agency 2.0 framework allows us to offer the highest standard of digital services at an unparalleled value.


    Why Blogging Is Important for SEO

    Sarena Brown

    Traction: 1,288 views

    Article Summary: The blog post goes through some of the reasons optimizing your blog posts for SEO is important today. It covers posting fresh and relevant content, using keywords strategically, backlinking, increasing your popularity rank, using images, and improving your social media search results.

    Company Purpose: At SalesHub, we provide inbound sales, marketing, and advisory services to help you generate leads, boost revenue, and adapt to the new way customers buy. We are a platinum-level HubSpot partner and considered experts when it comes to using its award-winning inbound sales and marketing platform.


    5 SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2017

    Ian Evenstar

    Traction: 63 views

    Article Summary: Search Engine Optimization never stands still. Just when you think you’ve mastered all the most important aspects of digital marketing strategy, new technologies and approaches change the inbound marketing landscape. Here are five important trends to watch out for in 2017!

    Company Purpose: We are proud to offer a full range of creative services that support our client’s creative, branding, and marketing efforts. We have a proven track record to achieve the highest results for our clients, while amplifying their current strategies and extending their in-house capabilities.


    Planning Cluster Topics for Inbound Campaigns

    Michael Packman

    Traction: 26 leads generated from this post

    Article Summary: Planning a digital content strategy can be difficult. Visualising how content fits together and influences the journey a lead will take through your website is critical. Using the Cluster Topic approach, where a central piece of content is supported by shorter, complementary topics designed to appeal to a range of related issues, is a powerful way of grouping content for everything from digital marketing campaigns to your website.

    Company Purpose: Nexusb2b provides powerful Inbound Marketing and senior-level b2b telemarketing for the technology sector, all supported by proven processes, to create lead generation that attracts and converts the prospects your technology business needs to thrive. We also support existing strategies with stand-alone inbound marketing and senior-level B2B telemarketing services.

    Social Media

    Take advantage of Snapchat for business: Things you need to know”

    Kerstin Kitzmann
    NetPress GmbH

    Traction: 2500 views this year

    Article Summary: “It is difficult for companies to distribute their content via social media, select the right channel, the right audience and more. We describe in our article how a company can use Snapchat for their content distribution.”

    Company Purpose: “We integrate brands and products within a highly qualified B2B and B2C environment. Helping them succeed involves attracting the right online traffic to their content, generating leads, converting leads into sales, turning customers into repeat customers, and enhancing all the relevant processes through continuous analysis. It’s all about creating impact efficiently.”


    How Do I Get Followers for My LinkedIn Company Page?”

    Jackie King

    Traction: Thousands of views

    Article Summary: “How to build beneficial business relationships on LinkedIn while getting more followers for your LinkedIn Company page.”

    Company Purpose: “Bluleadz is a an agency where our passion is your growth. Consider us your inbound marketing body builders, where we fuel your business with inbound and agile marketing nutrition.”


    How to build and promote audiences on YouTube

    Hülya Özdestici

    Traction: +56,000 views

    Article Summary: 1. What is the best way to promoting your videos?
    2. How can you define your audience for your YouTube channel?

    Company Purpose: Netvent ensures companies achieve their goals in a rapid and effective way. While we are developing the right digital strategy for start-ups or companies, they sit back and enjoy the increase in their sales and conversion of their customers into brand fans.


    Updated: Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2018 Template

    Jeffery Baker
    Superbolt Studios

    Traction: 100+ leads

    Article Summary: Get the correct Facebook group cover photo size template. Included in the download is a Photoshop (PSD) and a .JPG version of the correct size.

    Company Purpose: We build effective digital marketing campaigns and optimize websites for conversions. Superbolt Studios delivers everything from ad copy, graphics, and landing pages all the way up to reporting.


    13 Social Media Tips and Tricks

    Tony Adragna
    Primitive Social

    Traction: 200 views and 2 new leads in first week

    Article Summary: Social media is a great way to showcase to the world what your brand is all about. So we put together 13 social media tips and tricks to help your brand follow the best path to social growth and amplification.

    Company Purpose: We’re a team of strategists, artists, and entrepreneurs. We come from all backgrounds with various interests and hobbies. Our team of experts show up every day to do one thing: craft the digital solutions that will help our clients reach their goals.


    8 Easy Steps to Targeting Competitors on Social

    Kendra Macek

    Traction: Even months after posting, it remains as our most consistently popular blog posting, with several hundred views and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Article Summary: Targeting prospects who are interested in your competitors can be pretty simple with a targeted list of competitor related keywords in SEM. However, when it comes to competitor targeting on social platforms, it’s a lot more tricky!

    Company Purpose: We help B2B clients with their SEO, SEM, and PPC strategy. We have a very data-driven approach to the frameworks we use for analyzing client performance. These models allow us to develop new and strong strategies, efficient campaigns, and success-metrics that matter.


    Why Social Media is Important for Architecture Firms

    Ivan Lares
    Sea Level Media

    Traction: 2,386 Views

    Article Summary: The top five reasons for making social media an important part of an inbound marketing strategy for architects.

    Company Purpose: We help professional services firms attract high-value clients through our marketing professional services program.


    Eleven Reasons You Need to Try Facebook Advertising

    Kelly McEvitt

    Traction: We more than doubled our average conversion rate.

    Article Summary: We used the excitement over the release of season 2 of Stranger Things and tied it into an article on why companies should advertise on Facebook. We included tips.

    Company Purpose: We provide integrated inbound and paid marketing programs for our clients. With a client-first mindset, we tailor our services to what makes the most sense to help them achieve their goals.

    Top 10 Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2016

    Alex Koby
    Adhere Creative

    Traction: Over 182,000 Views

    Article Summary: Last year we created a recap of the top most influential social media marketing campaigns of the year. With over 182K views, this blog has generated fantastic engagement and produced 20 new contacts. Recap posts are a solid strategy for quality backlinks, as well as capturing the attention of those looking for inspiration.

    Company Purpose: We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in inbound marketing and high-quality design. Adhere strives to push the limits of creativity while delivering smoking hot leads.


    “How to Measure Brand Awareness: 5 Winning Metrics”

    Lindsey Graff

    Traction: 4800 views in first 6 months of 2017

    Article Summary: “With abundant digital channels, everything is trackable…even brand awareness. Here are the top five most compelling metrics your team can use to set SMART goals and start increasing brand awareness.”

    Company Purpose: “We help our clients, and their marketing team, grow revenue. It costs money to make money and our goal is to help our clients hit their sales goals for while reducing their cost of customer acquisition.”


    How to Market a Manufacturing Company

    Todd Hockenberry
    Top Line Results

    Traction: 6 targeted leads (we are a small agency so we do not need a large lead volume for a large impact)

    Article Summary: Manufacturing marketing is about them and not you. That is the number one thing to understand before you even start thinking about updating or trying to improve your manufacturing marketing plan. Sounds easy right, pretty obvious even. But this is the number one area I see manufacturers miss.

    Manufacturing executives and business owners tend to come from the product or engineering side of the business and think in terms of products and features and not in terms of customer outcomes and results.

    This article walks through the process of asking the right questions if you want to successfully market a manufacturing company.

    Company Purpose: We know what works to grow industrial and manufacturing companies using Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales. Not just knowing the methodologies, but 9+ years of real-world experience helping clients grow using Inbound.

    Digital marketing agency pricing: 3 models to choose from

    Karl Sakas
    Sakas & Company

    Traction: 8,000+ views in 2017… averaging 5.5 minutes on-page

    Article Summary: Make more money by using the right pricing model at your agency. Consider the pros and cons of the three options: hourly, milestone, and value-based.

    Company Purpose: Agency advisor Karl Sakas helps digital agencies solve six- and seven-figure business problems. He uses coaching and consulting to eliminate growing pains in agency operations, strategy, and leadership.


    3 Tips for Making Your 2017 Mutual Fund Marketing Strategy “Kooler”

    Stacy Havener
    Havener Capital Partners

    Traction: 491 views

    Article Summary: In this blog, Havener Capital Partners shares 3 tips on how to create a business plan that will rock your 2017.

    Company Purpose: By utilizing a time-tested strategy that combines cutting-edge technology and inbound marketing with traditional sales and marketing activities, Havener expands the distribution effort, compresses the sales cycle and increases efficiency for our clients.


    What will cybersecurity marketing look like in 2017

    Ilan Amit
    Penguin Strategies

    Traction: 600 Views

    Article Summary: This article highlighted the marketing tactics that cybersecurity often lean on in order to attract the attention of their prospects. One such tactic is hacking a company in order to show the value of cybersecurity. However, the article showed the limitations of this concept and instead suggested reframing the concept of cybersecurity from crime prevention to customer service to be a more valuable pitch to attract a potential prospect.

    Company Purpose: We help our clients conceptualize and execute cutting edge marketing strategies that differentiate them from the competition and get them highly qualified leads.



    Amara Omoregie

    Traction: This article had 104 mentions on Twitter. 190 social shares.

    Article Summary: While marketing strategies contain all the same nuts and bolts, here are some considerations that you should take when preparing, reviewing, and executing any marketing plan that you put in place. While some of these essentials target specific tactics, these recommendations are also crucial considerations that are often ignored.

    Company Purpose: At amaraREPS we act as a CMO for small businesses who have limited marketing resources. We provide strategic support, and implementation to help create sustainable and consistent growth via inbound (content) marketing without the confusion.


    6 Steps for Becoming an Authentic Thought Leader

    Kelsey Meyer
    Influence & Co.

    Traction: 1,476 views, 13 contact form submissions, 10 new leads

    Article Summary: This article is aimed at educating readers on what true thought leadership embodies and why striving towards becoming a thought leader is beneficial for marketers and leaders looking to reach their audiences on a deeper level. This article also offers up six easy-to-follow steps one can follow in order to become an authentic thought leader.

    Company Purpose: Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency with the mission to endlessly improve the way content is crafted and distributed. Co-founded by John Hall and Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co. specializes in helping companies strategize, create, publish and distribute engaging content to achieve their unique goals.


    How to increase Brand Awareness for your SaaS product?

    Deepa Venkataraman
    Vajra Global Consulting Services LLP

    Traction: 300+ Views

    Article Summary: This article talks about the various measures that can be taken by SaaS businesses to increase their visibility and get featured in the minds of their targeted audience. As SaaS Marketing consultants, we have provided our insights into what may or may not work for different brands in order to generate demand for their product/service, in the concerned industry.

    Company Purpose: Vajra is a dedicated SaaS Marketing agency, working towards building and nurturing SaaS businesses around the world with impressive strategies. We assist you in growing your business by enhancing lead generation, lead to customer conversion, customer delight and retention along with powerful content strategy. We strive to create successful partnerships with promising SaaS companies through our expertise in understanding business objectives, accurate and exhaustive data analytics and seamless execution of profitable tasks.


    10 Steps to a Killer Lead Generation and Lead Management Process”

    John McTigue
    Kuno Creative

    Traction: 34,000 views

    Article Summary: “Originally published in 2013, this blog post lays out the fundamentals of putting together inbound marketing, lead generation, lead management and inbound sales for sustained revenue growth.”

    Company Purpose: “We help our clients generate, nurture and close qualified sales leads. We help them get the most out of their HubSpot investment and reach proven ROI.”


    “Cool Stuff I Can Do With Sales Enablement Technology”

    Eric Pratt
    Revenue River Marketing

    Traction: 3 active prospects engaged after social promotion

    Article Summary: “Our entire sales process is originated, managed, and executed within our software technology stack. Every action, activity, note, deal, and opportunity is tracked. We can report on activity and results, allowing us to interpret the data and improve future efforts. Visibility into our sales system and team has absolutely improved both our focus, and our results.”

    Company Purpose: “Revenue River designs technology systems to improve processes and raise the flow of profits.”


    5 Reasons Salespeople Aren’t Using CRMs Effectively

    Dani Buckley

    Traction: 88 shares on LinkedIn

    Article Summary: “CRMs are most often set up for the benefit of sales managers, so they don’t meet the needs of salespeople. To ensure adoption and maximize effectiveness, follow these tips.”

    Company Purpose: “We help companies attract more leads and convert them to customers. Although we are an inbound marketing agency, our DNA is sales (our parent company is a sales training organization). We understand how to help businesses generate revenue.”


    “50% of Your Contacts are Missing from Your CRM”

    Oleg Rogynskyy

    Traction: 132 social media clicks

    Article Summary: “We know that data is missing from the CRM. With no data or insufficient data, you reporting doesn’t tell the true story of what’s going on. You should be using tools, like People.ai, to automate manual tasks like logging activities and creating contacts.”

    Company Purpose: “People.ai works with marketing and sales teams to increase team alignment by providing transparent insights into the entire lead lifecycle. By using People.ai marketers are able to have better insights into what happens once a lead is handed off to sales.”


    5 Sales Role Play Examples for Your New Sales Hire

    Justin McGill

    Traction: This one blog post ranks for over 400 different keywords in Google and drives

    Article Summary: We walk through different training exercises for new sales reps. This helps reps hit the ground running. It also has an infographic that explains things visually.

    Company Purpose: LeadFuze helps you turn cold leads into warm prospects. This is done by automating the heavy lifting of sales prospecting and outreach so you can focus on interested and engaged prospects.


    The Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

    Bob SteffensRob Steffens

    Traction: 6k Organic Views in 5 months.

    Article Summary: Getting your prospects to open your sales emails can be a daunting task… but it doesn’t have to be. We reveal some of the top tips that will increase engagement with your sales emails.

    Company Purpose: We’re a team of innovators who have a passion for inbound marketing. This means we push the envelope with our strategies and are proud pioneers in our industry – driven by creativity, a results-oriented approach, and, most of all, their success.


    Solutions To The 6 Biggest Sales Challenges Facing Sales Teams Today

    Mike Lieberman
    Square 2 Marketing

    Traction: 2,800 views

    Article Summary: These are the top six challenges facing sales teams today along with recommended ideas to solve these issues.

    Company Purpose: Square 2 Marketing is a data-driven digital marketing and sales agency that develops innovative strategies and tactics to drive revenue generation for our clients.

    User Experience

    3 Life-Saving Alternatives to Google Site Search”

    Kyle Bento

    Traction: 9300 views, 103 form submissions in first 6 months of 2017

    Article Summary: “Our top performing article that was actually written and published this year (not historically optimized) shares 3 possible alternatives to Google Site Search, as it was shut down in April. Including cloud-based, server-side, and SaaS solutions, the article helps readers know their options and also determine which is best for their needs.”

    Company Purpose: “We are an inbound marketing and website redesign agency that help people and their organizations succeed.”


    6 Incredible Examples of B2B Web Design

    Olivia Perek
    New Breed

    Traction: 67,658 views

    Article Summary: In this article, we showcased 6 examples of B2B web design elements that we believe are effective for driving conversion. Specifically, we provide examples of on-site animation, functional minimalism, card layout, long scrolling, captivating photography, flat design and explanations as to why these methods are effective for boosting lead generation.

    Company Purpose: New Breed is the world’s leading customer acquisition agency for high-growth companies. We are the #1 HubSpot Diamond Partner globally and we have partnerships with Salesforce, InsightSquared, Google AdWords, and Bizible. We accelerate your growth by building predictable, measurable and proven inbound marketing and sales solutions.

    Email Marketing

    Cart Savers and Abandoned Cart Emails: How They Work Together

    Kayla Lewkowicz

    Traction: 1000 views

    Article Summary: You’ve put in countless hours building great products and fine-tuning your offers. So there are few things more frustrating than getting a customer inches away from the finish line only to have them quit the race, abandoning their cart. Here’s how to combine on-site campaigns with your existing cart abandonment program to save as much revenue as you can.

    Company Purpose: Privy helps over 200K small and medium-sized businesses grow their email list and their business.

    5 Reasons To Implement Account-Based Marketing Into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

    Elyse Flynn Meyer
    Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Traction: 6312 Total Views & Published on Forbes.com

    Article Summary: Account-based marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach to B2B marketing based on goals for specific target accounts. ABM helps organizations communicate with individual prospects or accounts as markets of one. This article focuses on some of the primary reasons to start implementing ABM into your marketing and sales strategy.

    Company Purpose: ABM is a proven way for B2B marketers to align more strategically with sales and build personalized campaigns targeted toward specific accounts to drive revenue. Our team works with organizations to help build an aligned sales and marketing strategy that focuses on enhanced tracking, improved return on investment, and a more efficient use of resources.

    Personal Advice

    4 Tips to Ace Your Next Marketing Agency Job Interview

    Tracy Lewis
    PR 20/20

    Traction: 6,401 pageviews. 00:06:47 average time on page!

    Article Summary: We’ve learned that the right amount of preparation and a little know-how can take you far. This post includes some basic tips to ace your next interview and land the marketing job of your dreams.

    Company Purpose: PR 20/20 drives marketing performance through the purposeful alignment of advanced technology, hybrid talent and inbound strategy—ultimately establishing a strong marketing foundation and putting businesses on a clear path to digital evolution.


    Stay Curious: How continuous skills development will motivate your staff

    Alison Leishman
    Spitfire Inbound

    Traction: 649 views

    Article Summary: Create a culture of learning in your company and your employees will not only be enthusiastic knowledge seekers, but also bring enthusiasm and expertise to your day to day business.

    Company Purpose: We’re a purpose-built inbound marketing agency that delivers focused and measurable results. We believe in helping companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.


    Modern Marketing – A Jugglery

    Girish Bendigiri

    Traction: 1000+ Social Impressions

    Article Summary: The life of the modern marketer has become a continuous juggling spree, managing multiple aspects of Channels, Data & Technologies. These 3 key forces affect a marketer’s life on a daily basis. This blog post describes the impact of these forces on a marketer and provides suggestions to overcome the fears to tackle these forces.

    Company Purpose: Augentia is a young, and growing modern marketing company that offers specialised marketing services for enterprises. Augentia specialises in technology-enabled marketing that is data-driven, cost-efficient and result oriented. As a partner, we augment our client’s product & services marketing efforts, sales effectiveness and industry resonance to enrich customer experience. Our offerings comprise of Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing & Campaign execution.


    How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence – 3 Ways

    Lorraine Reguly
    Wording Well

    Traction: The contents of this article were given via a presentation to the female entrepreneurs at PARO Women’s Center. It was later turned into a SlideShare presentation AND a blog post that received 100+ shares (so far).

    Article Summary: The three topics discussed in this article are a bit different from other strategies you can use to improve yourself and your chances for success, which are contained in my other 3-part “Success Series”. This particular article covers 3 different ways for becoming a successful business owner:

    1. Be an Ethical Entrepreneur Way
    2. Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Way
    3. Outsource Tasks / Hire Help

    Company Purpose: I help my clients in various ways, depending on the service they need. Some need writing or blogging services. So I write blog posts for them. Some need editing services… for blog posts, e-books, books, essays, etc. Some also want to become authors and so I help them navigate the steps to become self-published on Amazon. If they want their books to be made available in print, I help them with that too.


    How Much Time Do People Spend on Mobile Phones in 2017?

    Kenneth Burke
    Text Request

    Traction: 135,000 views, 4,500 new views per week

    Article Summary: We’d all agree that people are on their phones “all the time.” But what does that look like in hours and minutes? A lot of research has been conducted recently, so we poured through it to find out. Here’s how much time people spend on their phones, what they’re doing on them, and what your business can do with this data.

    Company Purpose: Text Request is an online texting service for business. Users can send and receive texts inside our dashboard using their current business number(s), or integrate our text features with their CRM. We “help businesses be better at business” by teaching them how to generate more leads, streamline sales and renewals, boost marketing, provide better service, and more.

    How To Find Your Top Blog Articles

    As you can tell from the contributions above, there is no single metric that defines a successful blog article. Social engagement, traffic and form submissions are all quality candidates.

    If you are looking for quality readers and goal completions with Google Analytics, you can use this Blog Quality Metrics dashboard to find your top articles.

    If you are measuring conversions with HubSpot, you can use this Blogging Performance dashboard to quickly find top-performing articles and decide what to write about next.

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    Tamara is Content Editorial Manager at Databox. She is an SEO aficionado, a coffee addict, and a huge museum lover! When she's not working or writing, she enjoys visiting an art gallery, drinking her 5th coffee with her friends, or playing video games.

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