How Databox University Supports Employee Personal Growth in 7 Key Areas of Life

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    Personal growth is the ongoing process of improving various aspects of an individual’s life, including emotional, intellectual, and physical development.

    Fostering personal growth of our employees isn’t just about improving company performance but about nurturing the well-being, engagement, and fulfillment of individuals that make up our team. People who feel encouraged to develop in their work environment often perform better, progress quicker, and overall feel more content in their roles.

    Personal development, especially, can lead to increased confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence, which in turn positively impact one’s ability to handle challenges, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others in the workplace. Our people development framework embodies this ethos, acknowledging that individuals who thrive are much more likely to excel in their roles, contributing to a high-performing environment. 

    At Databox, we’re proud to have a growth-oriented team where curiosity and continuous learning are part of our DNA. Our Playmakers embody a growth mindset and are eager to challenge themselves and explore new opportunities. The characteristics of our team are also reflected in our company values, such as “Challenge Yourself” and “Be Accountable”, which encourage our Playmakers to never stop learning and growing, both professionally and personally. We acknowledge this by providing relevant programs and initiatives, which support our team’s long-term development. In return, this fosters individual satisfaction and fulfillment, cultivating an environment where people are excited to stay and contribute.

    This blog will talk about our most recent investment in the area of personal development of our team in the form of our newly launched Personal Growth Program.

    Personal Growth at Databox

    Investing in our people: Personal Development at Databox

    At Databox, people development is pivotal in their engagement and performance. To cultivate a high-performance culture along with high-performing teams, we prioritize establishing an environment that actively supports their growth. 

    As part of our commitment to our team, we prioritize investing in their growth. Our development framework is based on three key dimensions: career development, which focuses on their career development plans, leadership development, which includes programs aimed at enhancing the skills of our leaders, and personal development, comprising of programs that can improve our people’s overall well-being.

    Personal growth and personal development

    Our company culture is about more than achieving professional goals – it is connected to providing our people with the resources and initiatives for personal development.

    Our personal development efforts already include multiple initiatives that help our team members upgrade their individual skills, such as the Databox Book Club, where our team selects a book of the month, reads it at the same time, finishing the activity with an interactive workshop with insightful discussions. The books we choose are connected to the values we promote and the skills we want our team members to develop. In the past 2 years, we have explored over 20 books together. Engaging in learning and connection through reading is a new way of growing and the support of other team members makes this experience truly enriching.

    Additionally, our Collaborators Club holds bi-weekly sessions for all team members, with a presentation of topics that aim to improve our understanding of our customers, clients, and business. This initiative aims to help our team members grow in their roles by presenting them with topics that can benefit the work of their team and find new ways of cross-functional collaboration. Everyone is encouraged to share suggestions for future topics they think would be beneficial. The presenters come from different teams, sharing their expertise with the company. This setup encourages learning from each other, finding ways to work together, and discussing topics important for our success.

    Another way we develop ourselves is by using the Blinkist app. To help us grow personally, Databox gives every employee a yearly subscription to Blinkist. We use the app in connection to our Databox University and Book Club activities to share ideas, explore topics related to our values, and even take part in challenges like reading one Blink a day. Teams can create groups and share reading suggestions that are relevant to their area, encouraging an environment of collaborative learning.

    personal development programs at databox

    Our Personal Growth Program: Databox University

    To enhance opportunities for personal growth, we introduced Databox University at the start of 2024, inviting all Playmakers to join.

    At Databox, we believe that investing in personal growth is pivotal for both individual and collective success. Databox University is a reflection of this belief. By nurturing a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement, we aim to grow personally and professionally.  

    Databox University is a year-long in-house personal growth program designed to help our Playmakers master seven key areas of life: mindset, health, money, career, relationships, lifestyle, and legacy. Those topics address fundamental aspects of life and collectively contribute to our well-being and success. By mastering these aspects, our Playmakers can refine their vision of success and chart a clear path toward personal growth and fulfillment.

    Each module concentrates on a key area of personal development in several lessons with added module bonuses. Each lesson in a module provides simple yet potent principles for upgrading various aspects of life. Rather than overwhelming participants with information, the resources provide practical tools and timeless concepts for real-life improvements, such as how to reduce stress, how to take on healthy habits, how to manage personal finances efficiently, or how to adopt a growth mindset. The content is distilled from the practices of renowned authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. They include proven methods that can help us grasp those concepts, bypass years of trial and error, and accelerate our personal development. Think of it as “standing on the shoulders of giants” – learning from the people who have already achieved success and done the groundwork.

    personal growth at databox

    The modules include a blend of videos, worksheets, and hands-on activities, fitting seamlessly into our work schedules, and allowing our Playmakers to engage with the lessons when most convenient.

    Participation in Databox University is optional for our team members, serving as a bonus program for those interested in uplifting their lives and seizing this development opportunity.

    Feedback from participants of Databox University

    The program is available online, with modules unlocking periodically at a pace of 2-3 per quarter. Each module features 6-10 concise videos, supplemented by brief readings on the chosen subject, bonus quizzes, additional resources, and book recommendations for those seeking to dig deeper. Participation in the program is optional, and participants have the flexibility to schedule their time accordingly. Despite being voluntary, over 48% of our team members have chosen to take part in the program.

    Integrating Databox University with Our Book Club

    We know time is precious, so we’ve combined Databox University with our Book Club for the whole of 2024. Following each module, we integrate the topic into our Book Club workshop, where participants share insights, “aha” moments, or personal experiences related to the subject. By doing that, we create cross-team connections and facilitate the exchange of valuable experience, turning Databox University into a community of learners supporting each other on their growth journey.

    integrating book club with personal growth program

    Team Insights: The Impact of Databox University on Personal Growth

    As we launched Databox University at the beginning of 2024, we were curious to see how our Playmakers would respond to this new opportunity for personal growth.

    Feedback from participants of Databox University
    Feedback from participants of Databox University

    To ensure Databox University has a lasting impact, we aim for a halo effect, where the knowledge, new experiences, perspectives, and “aha” moments impact various aspects of life and help our Playmakers reinforce our shared values of growth and mindset. This is especially important when navigating life’s changes, challenges, and stressors. The competencies we develop through this program are also essential for Databox as a company that continues to grow. 

    Feedback from participants of Databox University
    Feedback from participants of Databox University

    Overall, the feedback from our team members confirms that Databox University is making a significant impact on their personal growth journey. By providing accessible, practical, and inspiring resources, we are empowering our Playmakers to thrive not only in their roles at Databox but also in all aspects of their lives. 

    Feedback from participants of Databox University
    Feedback from participants of Databox University

    Going Beyond Digital: Office Library

    Our dedication to personal development doesn’t stop online; it extends offline too. Our headquarters in Ptuj, Slovenia, include a physical library that spans the entire building. More than just a collection of books, it’s a carefully curated resource organized into the seven key areas of life, matching the topics of Databox University. 

    When designing our offices, we envisioned a space that fosters intellectual growth, integrating books into our office concept. Spread throughout the building, our books offer unexpected opportunities for knowledge discovery, whether someone is grabbing their morning coffee or simply navigating the workspace.

    office library
    Office Library at Databox

    Our Commitment: A Comprehensive Approach to Growth

    Databox embraces a comprehensive approach to the growth journey of every Playmaker, seamlessly intertwining leadership, career development, and personal growth initiatives. Our leadership programs, featuring competency-based training and support for first-line leaders, serve as the cornerstone. Beyond leadership, our focus extends to career development initiatives, including Personal Career Development Plans (PCDPs) that serve as a roadmap for an individual’s career development, learning by doing, performance management, and goal setting. Most importantly, we allow individuals to nurture their personal development with various initiatives, including Databox University, bridging the gap between their professional and personal lives. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a community of individuals committed to continuous learning and personal advancement.

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