Proven Strategies for Growth in Healthcare Marketing (w/ Jennifer Christensen, Beacon Media + Marketing)

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    Peter Caputa

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    In this episode of “Metrics & Chill”, host Pete Caputa is joined by Jennifer Christensen, founder partner at Beacon Media and Marketing, a firm specializing in marketing for mental and behavioral health clinics. Jennifer delves into her agency’s journey from its inception in Anchorage, Alaska, to its national prominence. Originally focused on content and inbound marketing to help clients enhance their online presence and branding, the agency later expanded into paid advertising and aggressive marketing, resulting in valuable partnerships and industry speaking engagements that fueled growth.

    The conversation largely revolves around the critical role of data in decision-making and performance optimization. Jennifer highlights the use of tools like Databox to enhance reporting accuracy and client communication, emphasizing the effectiveness of creating specific benchmarks tailored to mental health clinics. She underscores the importance of niche marketing, sharing how a focused approach on mental and behavioral health has bolstered the agency’s credibility and market knowledge, allowing them to deliver more effective and targeted solutions. The discussion also touches on the strategic adaptation to external factors, such as the transition to telehealth and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health services.

    Additionally, Jennifer shares insights into the agency’s sales processes, including their audit practices and the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing personalization. They delve into how a well-developed sales process enables quick closures for typical clients, despite a longer sales cycle for larger deals. Throughout the episode, Jennifer expresses satisfaction with the collaborative approach in the industry and the value of openly sharing business performance insights, showcasing how such discussions can be instrumental in helping other businesses navigate their own growth and challenges.

    Key Topics with Timestamps:

    00:00 – The Bold Expansion: Niche Digital Marketing Growth

    04:51 – Expanding Success and Passion in Health Care

    08:52 – The Power of Niche Marketing for Business Success

    12:28 – Maximizing Marketing Strategy for Niche Focus

    14:36 – Effective Marketing Strategies for Mental Health Practices

    17:39 – The Impact of a Genuine and Engaging Speaker

    20:20 – Collaborative Book Writing with Brian: A Process

    23:52 – Paid Ads Audit and 90-Day Guarantee

    27:39 – Accelerated High-Volume Deal Closings Analysis

    31:10 – Maximizing Client Fit Through Longer Deals

    36:14 – Positive Client Feedback from Improved Reporting

    36:56 – Utilizing Databox for Client Reporting and Analytics

    41:10 – Challenges of Detecting Performance Patterns Across Accounts

    46:29 – Implementing New Initiatives in the Paid Ads Team

    47:07 – Transforming Client Experience: A Beacon Success Story

    51:05 – Recognizing Emily: Exceptional Databox Management


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