How (and Why) ThriveHive Went All-In On Small, Local Businesses

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    Peter Caputa

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    Acquisition costs will be tough to keep down. 

    Churn will be high. 

    You need to build sales pipeline quickly, and… You can’t pay for it. 

    Imagine that *that* is your go-to-market customer profile upon starting a new job. 

    For Dan Slagen (and for anyone serving the SMB), this was the reality. 

    Dan joined ThriveHive in the midst of a product pivot a little over a year ago. 

    Instead of offering an all-in-one marketing automation solution for small local businesses, ThriveHive was going all-in on local SEO. 

    Only local SEO. 

    The product and overall go-to-market approach would need to change. 

    Most importantly, they needed to find cost-efficient channels for growing the business, as going upmarket is obviously out of the equation when your product is built on local SEO. 

    So, paid was out. As was long-term SEO plays like blogging. 

    As it turns out, Dan and ThriveHive found their area of high-leverage with a free SEO grader, partnerships to help distribute it, and….a TV show? 

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