How (and Why) ThriveHive Went All-In On Small, Local Businesses

ThriveHive CMO Dan Slagen shares the challenges of marketing to the SMB, how to build a marketing strategy around those challenges, and why partner marketing has been the key to it all.

John Bonini on December 2, 2019 (last modified on November 26, 2019) • 1 minute read

Acquisition costs will be tough to keep down. 

Churn will be high. 

You need to build sales pipeline quickly, and… You can’t pay for it. 

Imagine that *that* is your go-to-market customer profile upon starting a new job. 

For Dan Slagen (and for anyone serving the SMB), this was the reality. 

Dan joined ThriveHive in the midst of a product pivot a little over a year ago. 

Instead of offering an all-in-one marketing automation solution for small local businesses, ThriveHive was going all-in on local SEO. 

Only local SEO. 

The product and overall go-to-market approach would need to change. 

Most importantly, they needed to find cost-efficient channels for growing the business, as going upmarket is obviously out of the equation when your product is built on local SEO. 

So, paid was out. As was long-term SEO plays like blogging. 

As it turns out, Dan and ThriveHive found their area of high-leverage with a free SEO grader, partnerships to help distribute it, and….a TV show? 

About the author
John Bonini is Director of Marketing at Databox. He's passionate about building brands that tell great stories. Connect with him on Twitter @bonini84.

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