BTB: Mastering Data-Driven Legal Marketing Success (w/ Guy Alvarez, Good2BSocial)

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    Peter Caputa

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    In this episode of “Metrics & Chill,” Pete Caputa hosts Guy Alvarez, founder of Good2bSocial, a digital marketing agency tailored to law firms. Guy recently sold his company to Best Lawyers, known for ranking top lawyers globally via peer reviews.

    Their conversation spans several topics: Guy outlines Best Lawyers’ and Good2bSocial’s operational focuses and specialties, highlighting the peer-driven ranking at Best Lawyers and Good2bSocial’s digital marketing for the legal sector. He also shares his journey from lawyer to marketing expert, detailing Good2bSocial’s growth and successful content marketing strategies like blogging, podcasts, and webinars, which improved client engagement and website traffic. They also delve into technology and data analytics, discussing real-time analytics dashboards and tools like Databox for marketing data analysis for law firms.

    Host Pete Caputa adds his digital marketing experience to the mix, leading a discussion on effective marketing strategies, niche specialization, and data-driven decision-making for business success. Guy’s background as both a lawyer and marketer uniquely equips him to understand and address the specific needs of legal professionals through digital tools and strategies, offering targeted advice for those in the legal industry.

    Key Topics with Timestamps:

    00:00 – Legal Marketing Maverick: The Guy Alvarez Story

    05:23 – Agency Benchmarking: A Deep Dive into Sales and Marketing Performance

    06:24 – Benchmarking Website Traffic

    11:39 – Lead Magnet Strategy: The Power of the Social Law Firm Index

    12:46 – Unique Strategy: Turning Blog Posts into Ebooks

    16:22 – Unlocking Law Firm Success with RAD: Real-Time Analytics Dashboards

    21:44 – Empowering Law Firm Marketers: The Good to Be Social Academy

    23:35 – Transition from Live to On-Demand Course


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