BTB: Building Purpose-Driven Marketing Strategies (w/ Andi Graham, Big Sea)

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    Peter Caputa

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    In this episode of “Metrics & Chill,” Pete Caputa hosts Andi Graham, the founder and CEO of Big Sea, a digital marketing agency that empowers mission-based organizations to amplify their purpose through storytelling, digital marketing, and website development.

    Andi shares the journey of Big Sea, evolving from a local Tampa Bay web design agency to a full-service marketing firm specializing in nonprofits, healthcare, and human services organizations. Big Sea’s focus on purpose-driven organizations shines a light on the power of specialization. By understanding their clients’ unique missions, Big Sea tailors services and achieves superior results. The episode also highlights the value of strategic partnerships. Big Sea’s collaboration with HubSpot showcases how collaboration, even with non-perfectly-aligned goals, can benefit clients through the combined expertise of each partner.

    Data remains crucial, with the episode emphasizing the importance of monitoring key metrics and benchmarking within industry groups to drive growth. Effective content strategies are unpacked, including the power of refreshing existing content, optimizing for search engines (SEO), and crafting high-converting landing pages. Andi sheds light on lead generation tactics that get results, like their $30,000 grant campaign for nonprofits and their data-driven email marketing approach. Effective delegation and management are key to building a strong team and ensuring a predictable and efficient business.

    The episode dives into the specific challenges of nonprofit marketing. Storytelling and digital fundraising strategies are explored, with a focus on being sensitive to topics like child abuse prevention and homelessness. Andi emphasizes the importance of specific metrics beyond vanity measures. Revenue booked, utilization rate, and pipeline health are highlighted as crucial for a nonprofit’s success.

    This episode of “Metrics & Chill” ultimately reminds us that data is a powerful tool, but it’s the story behind the numbers that truly empowers impactful business decisions. The episode champions a balanced approach, where creativity and analytical thinking work hand-in-hand to help agencies thrive in the competitive marketing landscape.

    Key Topics with Timestamps:

    00:00 – Adaptation to Remote Workspace and Business Repositioning

    05:59 – Expanding Group to Include Gold Partners

    08:23 – Content Evolution: Big Sea’s SEO Success Story

    11:50 – SEO Magic: Big Sea’s Client Success Story

    13:42 – Strategies for Targeted Content Marketing

    17:02 – The Pursuit of Purpose-Driven Profit

    20:20 – LinkedIn-Style Approach to Email Marketing

    26:07 – Big Sea’s Strategic Success in Niche Markets

    28:20 – Working with Regional Nonprofits and Educational Programs

    30:03 – The Power of Persuasive Storytelling

    33:29 – Efficiency Through Tailored Marketing: A Success Story

    38:41 – Strategic Focus: Balancing Data and Creativity

    40:13 – Building Impactful Businesses: Insights from Andy Graham


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