Agency Services

Databox Agency Services

Personalized services to help your agency ramp up quicker, automate your clients reporting, and get the most from your partnership with Databox.

At Databox, we offer a number of services designed to help your agency simplify your client reporting process, quickly identify and communicate insights to improve performance and get the most out of Databox.

Need help setting up your accounts? Want someone from our team to help build your first dashboards? Want to transform your agency into data-driven, goal-crushing machine with ongoing change-management assistance from a Databox expert? We can help.

Guided Onboarding

Guided Onboarding offers a personalized 1:1 onboarding experience based on the types of clients you serve, your service offering, and the tools you're currently using. You do the work, but we'll guide you.


Quick Start Onboarding

Quick Start Onboarding is the fastest way to get Databox setup and the most-assured way to drive usage across your agency. Our team will build your initial Databoards and then train you on the system.


Agency Consulting

Agency consulting partners you with a Databox expert to help you leverage realtime access to data and goal performance to improve client performance. Each month we'll help you plan client campaigns, analyze results, and implement Databox fully.

starting at $1,000/mo

Don't need help right now? Create your free Agency Account to get started with Databox. Be sure to visit our Help Center or contact our Support Team by email if you have any questions.

Guided Onboarding

Start tracking, reporting, and improving client results like some of the best agency do.

Personalized onboarding

Get a personalized onboarding experience based on the types of clients you service, the services you offer, and all the different software tools your agency is using.

Account setup and strategy

One of our Databox pros will guide you as you add your client accounts, connect all the necessary data sources, and create custom client dashboards. We'll also show you the best ways to monitor client performance daily as well as how to set, track, and hit client goals.

Make performance more predictable

Get everything you need to execute reporting and goal-setting processes that increase client retention and retainers, develop your abilities to do deeper analysis to identify improvement opportunities, and attract new business by marketing your expertise to the Databox audience and user-base.

Quick Start Onboarding

The fastest way to get Databox setup and the most-assured way to drive usage across your agency.

Get an expert audit of your current reporting process

One of our Databox pros will work with you to review your current reporting process including the software your agency is using, the metrics you're tracking, and the goals you've set (or haven't) for all of your clients.

Get hands-on help creating a new reporting process and dashboard templates

Our team will make recommendations on how to improve your existing process and will help you set up your Agency and Client Accounts, including 10 reusable dashboards templates, client goals, performance alerts, and daily and/or weekly Scorecards to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest client performance trends.

Help create a culture of data monitoring and analysis

Once the Databoards are finalized, we'll teach you how to make data-monitoring and analysis a part of your daily, weekly and monthly routine. At the end of the Quick Start Onboarding, you'll be actively managing your Client reporting on Databox.

Agency Consulting

Get guidance and direct assistance from a dedicated Databox consultant.
Agency Consulting is designed to help you with all facets of your client deliverables. We'll help you leverage data to develop effective strategies for long-term success. Agency Consulting is a monthly consulting service that consists of 2 calls per month with Databox expert and up to 4 hours of dashboard building services.

Get everything done for you

One of our Databox experts will help determine your reporting needs, build out the necessary Databoards, incorporate data into your Agency's process through Notifications, and analyze performance data to provide specific recommendations.

Save hours on reporting

Our team will handle your reporting work by creating new Databoards that support your work, set up new client Goals, automate performance Alerts and Scorecards, and assist with the completion of any urgent tasks that may come up.

Master the art of being a data-driven agency

Through our consulting, you'll learn how to effectively communicate results to clients and increase retainers, and ways to maximize value from the Databox software and our integrations.

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