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Career Development

We believe, now, more than ever, that people and their level of engagement in their work are the key drivers of an organisation’s success. This is why one of the main pillars of our approach to building high-powered and committed teams is the continuous investment in developing our leaders and supporting all Playmakers in growing their talents.

Supporting our Playmakers to follow their career aspirations is a key to individual engagement and our organisational success. Besides the established Career Path Framework with a clear structure for achieving our career goals, we’ve defined cross-functional and leadership competencies and expected behaviours to help leaders and team members define more tangible development activities. 

Twice a year, every member of the Databox team meets with their direct supervisor for a performance evaluation, which is made up of 4 four key elements: the self-assessment, the manager assessment, peer feedback, and a 1:1 review with your manager.

The result of this performance evaluation is a Professional Career Development Plan (PCDP) where each Playmaker defines their future career development within Databox.

The idea of PCDP is to help you document the knowledge, skills and competencies you’ve learned or are planning to learn to improve your performance, earn promotions and most of all grow as a professional. Developing short- and long-term goals can help guide your decisions throughout your career, whether you want to complete a complex project, learn new skills, take on new responsibilities, gain new knowledge or earn a certain type of promotion.

Even though we’ve laid out the required skills, knowledge, responsibilities, performance and time for different roles in the career path frameworks, everyone’s PCDP is at least somewhat different, as each individual’s starting point and destination is unique.

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