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Learn about our culture & values, how we play as a team, and what we look for in future Databox Playmakers.

Hiring Process 

Databox is a remote-friendly company, meaning we have over 70% of all candidates working from their home offices or coworking spaces worldwide. You may wonder how that affects our hiring process. Well, it doesn’t. In fact, we’ve had our biggest growth spurt during the pandemic (100% growth of our team in 2021), when we only hired remotely and had a chance to perfect our processes. Our hiring and onboarding activities are designed in a way that they can be fully and effectively performed online.

Our hiring process typically has 6 stages, and we try to stick to it whether we hire remotely or on-site.

1) Application
This is all you. If you find a position that matches your experience and interest (learn more about our open positions here), apply by submitting your CV and a short cover letter describing why you would like to join our team.

When growing our team, we’re focused on adding members that align with the essential elements of our culture, but we’re also mindful of each individual’s unique traits and qualities. Much like in professional sports, we are building our dream team, and we want only the best playmakers possible in every position. For us, this means the right mindset and respecting the values we hold dear. And if we’re honest, we’re pretty strict about it. For us, this has proven to be a great approach when scaling our team and preserving our team culture in parallel.

2) Initial Call
If we think you’re a good fit, our Talent Acquisition Specialist reaches out to schedule a brief call to ensure the role makes sense for you. Besides your technical skills, we are looking for team players that can easily fit into our company culture, have a hunger for challenges and progress, are willing to work within and across teams, and are proactive and comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask us questions. Just as we’re looking for the right person to join our team, you, too, are looking for the right environment where you’ll grow and develop your talents.

3) Assignment
If we feel we would be a good match, we send you an assignment unique to each role to help us better understand how you come up with solutions to problems that are typical of the ones we encounter every day. What we look for is the ability to think outside the box, attention to detail, and creative thinking.

4) Interviews
Time to get personal. After the assignment, we usually connect you with a few team members, including executives, to speak with you. That gives us a chance to:

→ learn more about your skills, experiences and values by having each interviewer focus on a different aspect of your assets,

→ give you an idea of who you will be working with and a chance to meet some of our inspiring Playmakers, and

share our culture and allow you to see what it’s like to work at Databox.

5) Job offer
Things are getting exciting. Once we both agree that we’re a great match, we will send you an offer letter to join the Databox team. This includes all relevant information about your contract, position, compensation, benefits, and other relevant information.

6) Signing a contract
After accepting our offer, we prepare all the documents for you to sign and set up a welcome package to get you onboarded smoothly. This is the time to celebrate. The main goal of our People Team and your manager is to give you a great onboarding experience and make you feel comfortable and accepted in our team.

“The hiring and onboarding process has shown me that Databox is indeed a great place to work, the seamlessness of the entire process was top notch and has not been matched by any company I know. The amount of knowledge exhibited by the various interviewers and the willingness to be open-minded and focused on asking key questions to test my abilities were amazing.”

– Customer Support specialist @ Databox

We believe hiring is not just extending an offer but finding mutual interests, passions, and drive that will better our existing team. That means we care a lot about who we add to our team and consider our hiring process to be a search for exceptional individuals. We found that to be the only way to create a pleasant and motivating work environment that encourages the growth of our people.

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