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Learn about our culture & values, how we play as a team, and what we look for in future Databox Playmakers.

Driven by a mission

As the number of software tools we use to run our businesses continues to grow, we’re generating more and more data in more and more places. At Databox, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in a company to monitor, analyse, benchmark, and improve performance in one spot on any device easier than ever before. 

Our vision is to empower businesses to utilise their key data as an effective decision-making tool, a competitive differentiator, and become data-driven. To focus on what matters. To take smart action in the right direction. Make a meaningful impact. To grow and improve.

Today Databox is ranked #1 as the most usable data visualisation tool by G2 Crowd. We’ve built deep integrations with 80+ popular tools, created 200+ report templates and thousands of pre-built metrics visualisations that helped more than 300 companies, like Crayon, Smartbug, Staples, and Tettra, to spend more time focused on strategy and finding the insights that make a difference.

Values that guide us

We believe a mission like ours requires outstanding talent and teamwork, which is why we care about whom we work with and the culture we build together. Our primary mission in building a people-first culture is to continuously invest in creating an environment in which everyone is excited to join, motivated to grow, and inspired by the company’s mission.

With that being said, values fit is high on our list of priorities when looking for new members. When growing our team, we’re focused on adding members that align with the essential elements of our culture, but we’re also mindful of each individual’s unique traits and qualities. Much like in professional sports, we are building our dream team, and we want only the best playmakers possible in every position. For us, this means the right mindset and respecting the values we hold dear. And if we’re honest, we’re pretty strict about it. For us, this has proven to be a great approach when scaling our team and preserving our team culture in parallel. Putting a focus on both – value fit and respecting individuality has proven to bring a lot of success business-wise while simultaneously creating a positive, diverse, and highly motivating work environment.

These are the 6 values that are the foundation of our culture as they determine how we work, learn, and grow as a team (and as individuals). And we’re weaving them into every activity – from the start of the hiring process throughout the onboarding.

databox values

🔹Play as a Team
We embrace diverse perspectives and our collective knowledge to devise the best solutions. We set goals, play to win, and celebrate achievements as a team.

🔹Challenge Yourself
We always look forward to learning and doing new things, even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult. We proactively seek ways to get more things done while producing the best results possible.

🔹Be Accountable
We work hard each day to keep commitments to our team and our customers.  Each of us always strives to deliver quality work on time,  as our accountability impacts everyone else’s.

🔹Prioritize Customer Impact
The impact we have on our customers and partners drives our decisions and actions. We derive our happiness from their success.

🔹Show Gratitude
We spread positivity by practising humility, being thankful, and recognizing each other’s contributions. We pay it forward by providing feedback and helping our teammates when they’re stuck.

🔹Balance Work with Life
We take work seriously but don’t lose ourselves in it. We devote a healthy balance of time and attention to family, friends, personal development, and our work.

We see it this way; creating a business is similar to creating a community because if we want the community to act as a group, we need to share similar beliefs, values, identities and vision to function as a whole. Russell Ackoff (an American organizational theorist) once said that “a system is never the sum of its parts, it’s the product of their interaction”. And we couldn’t agree more. If players can’t interact effectively, their strengths will not matter, and the team will lose. The same goes for businesses and their teams – interaction is key if we want our team to work together as one.

P.S. If our work and mission light you up, we’d love to learn more about you. We invite you to learn more about us and view our open roles. 

And keep in mind: We don’t need you to tick off every box to apply. We hire you because we see your potential to push the role into the future besides your skills and qualifications. You’ll grow at Databox. 

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