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We believe working and growing with our people is the biggest perk on our list but by far not the only one. We offer relevant benefits that cater to all lifestyles and backgrounds and are closely connected to our values.

Perks and benefits

Competitive Compensation
We value our team members’ work and offer competitive salaries and a clearly defined career path.

Clearly Defined Career Path
We invest in our team’s growth and create personal development plans to help each individual reach their fullest potential.

Equipment Budget
Every team member gets a laptop and computer accessories budget to choose the equipment they want and need. Plus, we’ll buy books as fast as you can read them.

Flexible and generous time off
We provide 4-6 weeks of paid time off to help our team achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Paid Parental Leave
We offer generous maternal and paternal time off to new parents to encourage our team members to spend time with their families.

Latest Tech and Tools
From Slack and Asana to Ember and Intercom, we adopt the latest technology to become more productive, collaborative, and innovative. Learn more about our tech stack here.

Team Building Events
We enjoy doing things together. We host team-building events regularly, whether sailing, hiking, skiing, or virtual coffee socials.

Equity Ownership
Share in our success with stock option grants, aligning your future with our collective achievements.

Work-life balance

Flexible Work Location & Schedule
Our remote team members enjoy flexible schedules and work locations, with most having access to a co-working space.

We encourage our people to unplug and use their sabbatical to dive into their hobbies, travel, or spend time with their families.

Education & growth

Book budget
One of the core Databox values is continuous growth, and one of the ways to encourage it is through our Databox Book Club initiative. We have planned a book budget for up to $150 per year for anyone on our team. 

Personal Growth
We invest time & effort into helping our team members work on themselves by providing access to online classes and other personal growth activities.

Health & Wellness

Gym Membership
We encourage our employees to care for their health by providing paid gym memberships and free healthy snacks in our office. We even host company-wide 50k running challenges.

Superior Medical Benefits
Our team enjoys their choice of high-grade medical exams and regular preventative medical check-ups. We realise we can only bring our A-game if we feel our best.

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