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Learn about our culture & values, how we play as a team, and what we look for in future Databox Playmakers.

How we lead

To build high-powered and committed teams, we’re not only focused on individual skills and competencies needed to perform on an expected level but also on our leaders. As more Playmakers are stepping into managerial and leadership roles (some for the first time), we’re highly invested in leadership development as we recognise they are vital ties to the success of our teams.

We’ve defined 6 leadership principles that help our leaders grow in their roles and support team members through challenges and inspire them to work together toward a common goal.

🔹Build Great Teams
We invest in finding and developing top talent. Having the right skills is critical but insufficient. Value-alignment and a team-first mentality are must-haves. 

🔹Lead by Example
We lead by example and are never afraid to get our hands dirty. Our leaders inspire their teams by putting forward our best effort each day. 

🔹Make Data-Driven Decisions
Every day, we derive insights from our data to make smarter decisions. Every team reviews data as a team on a regular cadence to maximise our productivity and results.

🔹Plan & Prioritize
We seek input from everyone when prioritising initiatives. Our collaboration ensures we invest in initiatives that impact our business the most.

🔹Create an Extraordinary Experience
With innovation and a keen eye for detail, we aim to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers and partners. We set a high bar for our product and service and continuously invest toward improving it.

🔹Aiming for a Big Impact
Databox aims to create a world where every company uses data daily to improve its performance. We’ve made lots of progress, but we are still just getting started.

The Team Behind Our Teams

Meet our head playmakers and some of the key people who keep the wheels turning at Databox.

Peter Caputa IV


Davorin Gabrovec

President & CPO

Billy MacDonald

VP of Customer Success

Andrej Zitnik

VP Engineering and PE Operations

Victoria Sher

Director of Revenue Operations

Gasper Vidovic

Director of Product

Mateja Verlic Bruncic

Director of Product

Boris Ovcjak

Director of Engineering

Miha Pavlinek

Head of Data Science

Emil Korpar

Director of Customer and Technical Support

Maya Romic

Director of Sales

Aljaz Godec

Head of People & Culture

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