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Onboarding new team members

You just got hired. What happens next on your journey at Databox? Well, every member starts their Databox career with onboarding. 

We know we can’t expect you to be in step with our unique culture from day one. To get you involved, we need to put in the effort. Our common goal is to successfully onboard new Playmakers in their roles and our company culture, primarily because we want engaged, empowered, and inspired team members.

We have divided the timeline into 3 parts: Preboarding, Orientation Day, and 90 day Onboarding

Within the first three months our new team members go through:

1) A very detailed and supported product onboarding and role-specific training in their respective teams where every individual has an opportunity to dive deep into developing role-specific skills, earn certificates, and learn from an extensive knowledge base our specialists have built for almost a decade.

2) A culture onboarding that helps us keep our values front and centre and preserve all the wonderful things that made Databox what it is, and for you to understand how we operate, communicate, and play as a team. In this aspect, you can expect functional presentation meeting where you get an overview of the company, the teams, key roles, and how each contributes to common goals, monthly 1:1 interviews with the team manager and a member of our People team, dedicated to discussion about general well-being, culture, and onboarding process, and connecting with your new Databox Buddy.

A Buddy is almost like your “work best friend” and helps you address more informal questions. This program is a part of our 90-day Onboarding Process crucial to making the onboarding experience for new Databox Playmakers a positive one. New job anxiety is a reality for many people, and the adjustment can sometimes be challenging. That’s why it’s essential that all new Databox team members are assigned a ready, willing, and excited Buddy to assist with the onboarding process, help you understand our company culture, introduce you to the team, bridge social connections, share advice, and answer questions as they come up.

At Databox the onboarding process is something everyone in our team plays their part in. While it’s essential to set a good example by having leaders and founders live, breathe, and showcase these values and behaviours, we also believe and are deeply committed to co-creating our company culture as a team (and individuals). 

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