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Learn about our culture & values, how we play as a team, and what we look for in future Databox Playmakers.

We’re Databox Playmakers

Here at Databox, we practice what we preach when it comes to company culture. We believe in providing an environment that’s more than just a great place to work, but rather a place where each individual is inspired and has the available resources to grow their potential. This is why we’re very passionate about surrounding ourselves with people who share our values and fostering an environment that thrives only when everyone succeeds.

You’ve might have already come across that we call ourselves Databox Playmakers. How come? Boy, we’re glad you asked!

Just like the sports franchises figured out the importance of clever team names long ago, it is no surprise that many companies have also started using team nicknames to elevate their employer branding and encapture team spirit. And we jumped on that bandwagon.

Actually, the term Databox Playmakers came to us naturally, and we all mutually agreed it best describes our way of work, our values, and our work relationships. Of course, simply naming our team is only a small part of employer branding, but it does embrace the shared values and desired behaviours that represent the core of our culture. What makes this truly powerful is everyone in our organization buying into the values and beliefs that were ‘put on paper’ by leadership.

At the end of the day, we want to represent ourselves in a way that reflects our spirit and how we work and grow as a team.

Before landing on Databox Playmakers, we contemplated other expressions as well. But if we take a closer look at the leadership principles and the established value set that drives our work, communication, team growth, and hiring strategy, it seems like the perfect spin was right in front of us.

Here’s why: a well-known sports analogy describes a playmaker as a skilful player and an important part of each team that helps them score during games. It describes someone who is often an inspiration and the driving force of the team, respected for their vision, technique, creativity, and ability.

Databox Playmakers are skillful team contributors with a customer-first attitude, a strong sense of ownership, problem-solving abilities, and a goal-driven mentality that proactively seek opportunities to create value and aim to win as a team.

So much like in professional sports, we are building our dream team at Databox and want the best playmakers in every position.

Databox at a glance

With no exaggeration, our biggest perk is an incredibly driven team of the most curious and selfless people you’ll ever meet.

Databox is a remote-friendly company with 100+ team members working across 15 countries worldwide. We’re a very diverse group of professionals coming from various backgrounds and industries. And we believe the unique talents and perspectives that each of us brings to the table make up our phenomenal team culture. This means a people-first culture where everyone is comfortable bringing their best, authentic selves to work every day. 

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