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Career Path

Our culture fosters an environment that allows employees to thrive personally and professionally. Here each individual can develop and grow in their role. We have mapped out a transparent system of promotions and career paths and provide our people with learning opportunities to develop skills and competencies. This means you will be the driver of your own development, and together with the support of your manager, you will grow toward your goals.

At Databox, we have a formalized career path that helps us support your growth moving forward and offers a clear path for your professional development at the company. With the right professional development plan, skills, and knowledge, you have an excellent opportunity to become (even a bigger) Rock Star in your work. And we believe this is a WIN- WIN- WIN combination- for you, your team and Databox. 

Our framework offers you a step-by-step approach to increasing productivity, motivation, and engagement with an action plan to optimize your skills, talents, and contributions at work. It looks beyond the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities and considers your talents, opportunities, and development and incorporates them in practical and meaningful ways.

Promotional Paths Blueprint

To make it easier for you to develop your development plan and career path, we developed promotion path frameworks for each role. These frameworks lay out the skills, knowledge, responsibilities, performance levels, and typical time frames necessary to earn different promotions, whether a higher seniority level in your current role or a new role entirely. 

Of course, these career path frameworks change over time as we evolve our processes, grow our business, create new roles, and learn more about what it takes to be successful in a specific role.

Further, it’s up to you (with the help of your manager) to chart your own career path here at Databox. While we’ve defined certain paths, we encourage you to find ways that you can add value to your team, our customers and partners, and the Company. It might result in a whole new role that we never thought of. 

In short, a career path comprises the positions you hold as you grow in your field, while your personal career development plan (PCDP) is your plan for taking control of your career path. 

We have decided to adopt two promotion types:

1) Horizontal promotions: Individual Contributor roles

This kind of promotion is connected with some new responsibilities and with an increase in compensation, but not an entirely new role. It can also be regarded as an ‘upgrade’ of a team member’s standing or seniority level.

We’ve defined 4 seniority levels for the horizontal path: Level I, Level II, Senior, and Principal.

*Databox currently offers an internship program in our Engineering division.

Given that it takes time to master any role, this is an opportunity to stay in your role but continue to advance your earnings and seniority level as you contribute even more. In some cases, you may even help us define what mastery of a role is.

2) Vertical promotions: People Management Roles

This kind of promotion refers to the upward movement of a team member from an individual contributor role to a management role or from a management role to a higher level.

We’ve defined 5 seniority levels for the vertical path; Team Lead, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, and VP.

For each role, we have an outlined path to mastery and different seniority levels depending on your chosen promotion path.

Here’s an example of two career paths for engineering roles, where we also have an active 3-month internship program.

Performance evaluations and setting career goals

Twice a year, every Databox Playmaker meets with their direct supervisor for a performance evaluation made up of 4 key stages:

1) Self-assessment, 

2) The manager assessment, 

3) Peer feedback, and 

4) 1:1 review with manager

The final result of the performance evaluation is a Professional Career Development Plan where each of us defines our future career development within Databox and sets up 2-3 goals that will help us stay on track and evaluate our progress. 

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