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Junior Playmaker Internship 

Are you a student or graduate in the area of Information technology and Computer science? Experience engineering beyond the classroom and kickstart your career through our extensive 3-month engineering internship program in Ptuj, Slovenia. 

Finding and investing in new talent is high on our priority list, which is why we focus on offering quality engineering internships where we hope to give students a taste of solving real technical challenges and learning from experienced engineers in an environment with distributed systems and scalability opportunities affecting millions of users around the globe.

The Junior Playmaker program is dedicated to graduates and students in the second half of their University programs (in the fields of computer science, information technologies, or informatics) with a desire to learn practical engineering skills and find a thriving environment in which they can start growing their careers. 

To be a bit more specific: we are looking for individuals with basic knowledge and experience in Node.js, .NET, TypeScript (backend), or JavaScript/HTML/CSS, React, Ember (frontend), and relational databases (preferably PostgreSQL) that are excited about the opportunity to develop those skills further. We know new programming languages can be learned quickly, but we care much more about your general engineering skills than your knowledge of a particular language or framework. You’ll grow and develop here. That’s a promise.

We’re especially excited to welcome bright young minds who want to grow their engineering skills and have a strong sense of ownership, problem-solving abilities, and a goal-driven mentality, making them proactively seek opportunities that create value.

One thing we want to emphasize is that this internship program is not separate from our normal stream of product development. We believe that the best way to become a good software engineer is to learn by doing.

The 4-step application process

1) Apply and submit your resume
After the initial scan of applications, we select the most suitable candidates and send them an assignment.

2) Complete the online assignment
Because we have a limited number of intern positions (we only accept approx. 10% of applicants), we advise you to show off your skills and creativity.

3) Final interview
After reviewing the assignments, we invite the candidates to an interview to meet them in person and learn more about their passions.

4) Join the team!
If the interview confirms we’re right for each other, we’ll send you an offer, and Voila! You are now a Databox intern.

P.S. Click here and learn more about what you can expect when you join the Junior Playmaker internship and the kind of projects you will be working on as a Junior Playmaker at Databox.

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