Snapchat Ads Swipe Up Rate

Percentage of ad impressions swiped up on (Total Avg.).

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What is "Swipe Up Rate"?
Swipe Up Rate is an essential metric in Snapchat Ads that measures the ratio of users who swipe up on a Snap Ad and reach the landing page, compared to the total number of views of that Ad. It allows advertisers to analyze the effectiveness of their Ad campaigns and optimize for better engagement and conversions. A higher Swipe Up Rate means more users are taking action and converting, while a lower rate could indicate that the Ad content or targeting needs optimization. Understanding this metric can help advertisers improve their overall ROI and user engagement on Snapchat.
Example: A cosmetic brand used the Swipe Up Rate metric to measure the effectiveness of their SnapchatAds campaign in driving traffic to their website and found that the majority of their audience visited their website through the swipe up feature.


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How to track Swipe Up Rate in Databox?

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    Set Goals to track and improve performance of Swipe Up Rate
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    Percentage of ad impressions swiped up on (Total Avg.).
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