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Free Paid Ads Dashboard Examples and Templates for Ecommerce

All paid ads dashboard templates for ecommerce come pre-built with some of the most commonly tracked metrics from the most popular tools. You can customize your templates at any time.

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Track some of the most common Paid Ads for Ecommerce metrics and KPIs and analyze your Paid Ads for Ecommerce performance with just a few clicks.

TOP Paid Ads for Ecommerce INTEGRATIONS
  • Twitter Ads
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
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You can build a dashboard with any data using Zapier, Integromat, Google Sheets, or a SQL database.
Facebook Ads dashboard template provides you with insights about ad engagement, click activity, money spent and more. You can discover which campaigns need improvement.
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics dashboard template which will give you insights about your Transactions and Revenue, conversion rates and more.
Google Analytics
This dashboard allows a Shopify store owner to see online sales stats in-line with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. Focus in on top product performance, ecommerce conversion rate, and audience overviews.
Google Analytics Facebook Ads Shopify
This dashboard will show the latest data from all your campaign-level metrics in Facebook Ads.
Facebook Ads
This databoard helps you measure your Facebook Ad campaigns in terms of purchases & the resulting revenue impacts. You're also able to review the conversion path for your campaigns.
Facebook Ads
This dashboard provides you with insights about ad engagement, click activity, money spent and more.
Facebook Ads
This databoard shows you the KPI's needed to accurately understand the cost of a website click campaign. Use it to make sure money spent is turning into money earned through your FB Ad campaigns.
Facebook Ads
The Google Analytics Product Revenue dashboard measures ecommerce performance based on product sales.
Google Analytics
The Facebook Video Completion Metrics dashboard shows effectiveness of your video ads and viewer reactions.
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads - Ad Sets Overview. View metrics by Ad Set: spend, clicks, impressions, add to cart, purchases value, roars, average conversion value, leads
Facebook Ads
Ecommerce: Shopping Behavior. View metrics: shopping behavior, shopping activities, cart additions, cart abandonment, check-out abandonment
Google Analytics
Conversion Report: Ecommerce Overview. View metrics: transactions, transactions by channel, source drilldown, revenue, product drilldown
Google Analytics
This dashboard helps you inspect every step of your e-commerce funnel so that you can quickly address problem areas.
Google Analytics Facebook Ads Google Ads Mailchimp
This dashboard allows you to compare cost per click and contacts gained to previous periods.
HubSpot Marketing Google Ads
Ensure your optimization efforts are paying off with this Google Analytics Dashboard.
Google Analytics
This dashboard lets you track the performance of your video ads in each Twitter Ads campaign.
Twitter Ads

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What is a Paid Ads Dashboard for Ecommerce?

A paid ads dashboard for ecommerce displays all of the key parts of your online store’s PPC campaign in one place and provides quick insights into how well your paid search strategies are working.

With the help of a paid ads reporting dashboard, ecommerce and PPC experts are able to determine top-performing ads, top converting keywords, and see which campaigns have the highest ROI.

What Should Be Included in Paid Ads Dashboard for Ecommerce?

A comprehensive paid ads dashboard for ecommerce should include data about ad costs (such as CPC and ROAS), ad conversions, and ad clicks. Additionally, a PPC report dashboard for ecommerce should show historical data regarding top-performing keywords, number of impressions, and clicks in order for others to see how things are trending over time.

A carefully crafted paid ads report for ecommerce should help inform your strategy by answering how many people are seeing your ads, how many people are clicking on your ads, and how well your ad spend is trending against your budget.

How to Create a Paid Ads for Ecommerce Dashboard

Using Databox’s Dashboard Designer, building a dashboard is as simple as connecting a data source, choosing the metrics you need from our Metrics Library, and watching your visualizations populate in seconds. No coding and design skills are required.

Create a new dashboard using our Designer tool
Create a new dashboard using our Designer tool
Name your dashboard
Name your dashboard
Select a data source
Select a data source
Drag-and-drop pre-built metrics from that source to your dashboard or drag a blank visualization first and select the metric you’d like to associate with it.
Drag-and-drop pre-built metrics from that source to your dashboard
Customize each metric block by date range, comparisons, goals, and more.
Customize each metric block

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