Facebook Ads Purchase & Leads Breakdown

With this databoard, you can get a live overview of your Facebook Advertising campaigns. Track purchases and leads while getting a clean overview of generic metric across the entire account.

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Used one-click connectors:

  • Facebook Ads Facebook Ads

If you don’t use Facebook Ads, we can pull data from 50+ cloud data sources. And you can push your own data too (API Docs).

Highlight the big picture metrics for your Facebook Ads channel

  • Measure revenue impact & lead generation vs cost of acquisitions 
  • Identify the conversion value of your purchases
  • Calculate important metrics that can otherwise be overlooked, like cost per lead

Key Metrics

  • Campaigns Overview, Amount Spent,
  • Purchases by Campaign, Website Purchases
  • Cost per Website, AOV, Total Purchases Conversion Value
  • Leads, Cost per Lead, CPC (Link)
  • Frequency, CPM, CTR (All)