How to increase your Facebook page likes

Looking for ways to increase your Facebook page likes? Here are some proven tactics, as well as dashboards to track your progress and ways to share results as they happen.

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What’s a Facebook page like?

Not to be confused with a post like, a page like happens any time someone on social media likes your company’s page on Facebook.

The more people you have that like your company’s page on Facebook, the more potential you have for reaching a larger audience whenever you post something new.

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List of Tactics
  • Complete your Facebook Profile with searchable information. Like any piece of content, any of the information you include on your business page will be searchable by search engines. Be sure to complete every section of your Facebook page will information relevant to your audience and the things they care about. The more people find your page, the more opportunities for likes and engagement you’ll have.
  • Include the Facebook badge on your website, blog, and other social profiles. The more visible your Facebook page is through other networks (where you may have more of a following), the easier it is for people to find it and engage with it.
  • Ask existing contacts to like your page. Facebook has a feature that allows you to invite existing contacts, either through email or Facebook itself, to like your page.
  • Cross promote on other channels. YouTube videos. Blog posts. Tweets. Instagram posts. Make sure to let people know, regardless of which channel you’re posting to, other ways to stay in touch with your brand.
  • Advertise. This one is obvious, and also costs money, but by boosting your content to a wider audience, you’re more likely to generate page likes quickly.
How to Track Facebook page likes

When you monitor your impact as you implement your plan, you're also empowered to adapt your approach as needed in order to stay on track.

The following dashboard templates are plug-and-play and will allow you and your team to track progress toward the KPI and goal you've outlined.

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Facebook Page Insights

Facebook Page Insights

Download template

Facebook dashboard template provides you with insights about page views, likes post reach which will help you to know more about page followers.

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Share results as they happen

Sharing results - good and bad - as things happen, allows you and your team to celebrate victories, do more of the activities that produce results, and course-correct when things aren't working.

Most importantly, it creates an environment where everyone feels in control of the company's performance next week, month, quarter, and beyond.

Set up a Scorecard and Alert in order to keep you and your team up-to-date on your progress toward the goal you selected earlier.

Track your progress toward these KPIs in real time

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