How to get more Instagram followers

Here are some proven tactics, as well as dashboards to track your progress and ways to share results as they happen.

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How do I grow Instagram followers organically?

We’re glad you asked. If you’re looking to grow your following organically, and not trying to find fast, cheap ways for growing your following, you’ve landed on the right resource.

While it’s true that creating and sharing great content is the prerequisite for any Instagram strategy, there are some basic housekeeping items we should go through in terms of setting you up for success.

Read on for proven techniques for getting more Instagram followers.

List of Tactics
  • Write compelling captions. Great captions get likes, shares, comments and ultimately, more followers through increased engagement and word-of-mouth. Take your time, be authentic, and write something truly captivating for each post.
  • Cross-promote. Promote your Instagram posts on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram makes it super easy. Just connect your other social accounts, and any time you post on Instagram, make sure to also post to Facebook and Twitter via the toggle button.
  • Promote your badge. Include your Instagram badge on your website, in your email signature, and other highly-visible places that audience will see.
  • Use hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and/or community or even try using branded hashtags to get your customers engaged.
  • Make use of tags. Tag any brands or people that are relevant to your post. This increases the possibility that people with influence will share your post.
  • Engage other relevant users. Find and engage with other relevant users in your space. Not only will you build strong relationships with other relevant influencers, but other users may spot you in the comments and check out your business page as a result.
  • Advertise. This one is obvious. You can advertise your business account via Instagram Ads to quickly gain exposure and generate new followers.
How to Track Instagram followers

When you monitor your impact as you implement your plan, you're also empowered to adapt your approach as needed in order to stay on track.

The following dashboard templates are plug-and-play and will allow you and your team to track progress toward the KPI and goal you've outlined.

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Instagram Business Audience Overview

Instagram Business Audience Overview

Download template

This template will give you insights about your audience and followers growth. It will help you to understand your user base and drive ideas about post strategies.

Instagram Business Profile Overview

Instagram Business Profile Overview

Download template

Instagram dashboard template provides you with insights about your overall account health and performance and will help you to know more about your Instagram followers.

Instagram Business Post Performance

Instagram Business Post Performance

Download template

This template looks at the actions and performance of your posts. It will help you or your team focus on what matters - engaging more followers.

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Share results as they happen

Sharing results - good and bad - as things happen, allows you and your team to celebrate victories, do more of the activities that produce results, and course-correct when things aren't working.

Most importantly, it creates an environment where everyone feels in control of the company's performance next week, month, quarter, and beyond.

Set up a Scorecard and Alert in order to keep you and your team up-to-date on your progress toward the goal you selected earlier.

Track your progress toward these KPIs in real time

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