Google Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard Template

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You can use this free, easy-to-understand Google Ads dashboard template to track and analyze your Google Ads campaign performance at a glance. Get custom insights about your most important metrics and the return on investment for all your active campaigns.

Uses one-click integrations:

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If you don’t use Google Ads, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this Google Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard template:

  • How many times was my ad shown? View the number of times your ad was shown to your ideal audience on a search result page or another site on the Google Network within a specified time frame. Typically, your ad gets shown when there is a match between the campaign keywords you used and the terms used by your audience when conducting a search query.
  • How many clicks did my ad get? View the number of clicks your ad receives daily. Watch out for sudden spikes or dips in the number of times your ad was clicked on, and find out why. Keeping track of this data is crucial as it is a good indicator of your ad’s relevance and targeting accuracy.
  • How do I track the Click-Through Rate of my Google Ads campaigns? See what percentage of people clicked on your ad after it was shown to them.
  • What is the Average Cost per Click on my ad? See the average amount you pay for each click on your ad at any given point in time. This metric is an important indicator. If the average Cost-per-click (average CPC) is too high, you’re paying too much, leading to a lower ROI.
  • How much does it cost me to acquire a new customer? See how much it costs you to acquire a customer that carries out the desired action, i.e., a lead that eventually converts. Regardless of your industry, it is important to keep your cost per conversion low to maximize your PPC spend.
  • What percentage of your ad interactions resulted in actual conversions? Track your conversion data in real-time. See what percentage of users that interacted with your ad carried out the desired action within a specified time period.

Pull additional data using our robust integration with Google Ads.

What else can you track and visualize with our deep integration with Google Ads? When it comes to analyzing your campaigns, pretty much anything:

  • Impressions, clicks, and conversions
  • Cost analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Engagement by Ad, Ad Group, and Ad Campaign, and more.

There are numerous metrics and metric combinations you can track using Google Ads. And in Databox, you can quickly visualize dozens of Google Ads metrics in various ways.

Read more about Databox’s Google Ads integration.

Google Ads Google Ads metrics included in this template
  • Avg. CPC by Campaign

    The Avg. CPC by Campaign metric in Google AdWords shows the average cost per click for each campaign in your account. This allows you to see which campaigns are costing you the most per click and make adjustments to your bidding strategy to improve your return on investment.

  • Clicks by Campaign

    Clicks by Campaign is a metric within Google AdWords that shows the total number of clicks your ads received for each individual campaign. It helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed decisions about future ad spending.

  • Conversion Rate by Campaign by Ad Group

    The Conversion Rate by Campaign by Ad Group metric is a measure of how many website visitors clicked on your ad and completed a desired action. It shows the performance of specific ad groups within campaigns and helps optimize the ad strategies for improved conversion rates.

  • Conversions by Campaign

    Conversions by Campaign is a metric that tracks the number of conversions (such as leads or sales) that have been generated by each individual campaign in your Google Ads account. This metric can help you identify which campaigns are driving the most valuable results for your business.

  • Cost by Campaign

    Cost by Campaign metric shows the amount of money spent on a specific campaign in your Google Ads account. This metric helps you understand how much you are spending on each campaign and adjust your budget accordingly for optimum results.

  • Impressions by Campaign

    Impressions by Campaign metric tracks the number of times each of your ad campaigns was displayed to potential customers on search or display networks. It helps to evaluate campaign performance by measuring reach and brand awareness."

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