Vimeo OTT Account Overview Dashboard Template

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Gather more actionable insights by monitoring your Vimeo OTT account performance. Use this Vimeo OTT dashboard to track video engagement, visits, money spent, and more.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • Vimeo OTT Vimeo OTT

If you don’t use Vimeo OTT, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you can learn from this Vimeo OTT Account Overview Dashboard Template

Connect your Vimeo OTT account and learn:

  • How many viewers do we generate on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Track the number of viewers within a specific period of time. Compare these numbers with previous months and see if you’re growing viewership and evaluate your progress toward your goals.
  • Which channels drive the most traffic to my videos? Identify the channels that drive the most visitors to your account. Double down on the ones that work best and optimize or even cut the channels that underperform.
  • Which videos draw the most attention? Find out which videos engage your viewers the most and better understand the content, product, and/or services that resonate most. Conversely, identify the videos that people view least and make necessary adjustments.
  • Are my video campaigns under or over budget? Easily stay in control of your financial KPIs and keep your videos within budget by monitoring your expenses and revenue within any given time period. Compare the amount you’re spending and earning to previous periods to measure the growth and efficiency of your work.
  • How many videos are played from start to finish? Measure how many of your videos are being viewed in total and how many of those are viewed to the very end. Is your content interesting and engaging? Is it relevant to your target audience? Answer all those questions and more.

Pull additional data using our integration with Vimeo OTT

What else can you track and visualize with our integration with Vimeo OTT? When it comes to evaluating the success of your videos, almost anything:

  • Viewer interaction and behavior
  • Traffic demographics
  • Video completion rate
  • Subscribers growth
  • Trial conversions
  • Churn and cancelation
  • Revenue, and more

In Databox, there are many Vimeo OTT metrics already built and ready for you to visualize in various ways. Track your Vimeo OTT KPIs alongside metrics from 100+ other integrations and track all of your performance metrics in one place.

Read more about Databox’s Vimeo OTT integration.

Vimeo OTT Vimeo OTT metrics included in this template
  • Video Finishes

    Video Finishes is a metric that indicates the percentage of viewers who watched a video to its completion or to a defined end point. It helps measure the engagement level of viewers and the effectiveness of the video content.

  • Gross Revenue

    Gross Revenue is the total amount of revenue generated by a business before deducting any expenses or taxes. It includes all sales, income, and other sources of revenue from the company's operations.

  • Net Revenue

    Net Revenue is the total revenue generated by a platform or service provider after deducting all applicable expenses, such as taxes, refunds, and commissions.

  • Video Plays

    The Video Plays metric shows the total number of times a video has been played, including replays. It's a fundamental metric to measure user engagement and popularity of a video.

  • Video Plays by Video

    The Video Plays by Video metric represents the number of times a specific video has been played across all VimeoOTT channels and devices. It helps businesses track the popularity and reach of their video content, and can inform decisions around marketing and content strategy.

  • Visits by Country

    The Visits by Country metric provides information about the geographic locations of viewers who have visited a VimeoOTT channel or video page over a certain period of time.

  • Visits by Referrer

    Visits by Referrer metric measures the number of times viewers land on your VimeoOTT page through a referring website, such as social media or search engines. It helps in understanding which sources are driving traffic to your content.

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