Salesforce (Expected Value of Sales Pipeline) Dashboard Template

Template created by ClosedWon ClosedWon
This free Salesforce Dashboard Template provides you with complete visibility of your company's sales pipeline, with a laser focus on what has closed in the current quarter. It also includes the expected value of the opportunities likely to close before the quarters’ end.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • Salesforce CRM Salesforce CRM

If you don’t use Salesforce CRM, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this Salesforce (Expected Value of Sales Pipeline) Dashboard Template

Connect your Salesforce account and learn:

  • Where do most of my leads come from? Find out where leads to your website originate from. Also, see the total number of leads each specific source sent to your website within a given time period. It is useful to track this data as it lets you know which marketing channels drive the most value for your business.
  • Which marketing channels drive the most opportunities for your business? See the original lead source for closing opportunities and the expected revenue to be generated once these opportunities are closed. By tracking where your most valuable leads come from, you’ll be able to determine what channels to focus on and/or if your lead generation strategy needs to be reviewed.
  • How do I track revenue from closed deals? See how much revenue you’ve generated so far from closed deals for the chosen time period. Measure and analyze your progress against your sales goals, and use this data to forecast your quarterly numbers accurately.
  • What is the total value of all deals in my sales pipeline? See how much revenue you stand to generate from opportunities that are expected to close within a specific timeframe. Note: This does not include revenue that has been earned from close deals.
  • What is the total value of closed and expected revenue for this quarter? See how much revenue you generated from deals marked as Closed Won, as well as how much revenue you expect to generate from all deals in your pipeline that are set to close.
  • How do I track my sales pipeline effectively? Get a holistic view of what is happening in your sales pipeline. See where your prospects are, and monitor how they progress through the different stages in their buying process.

Pull additional data using our deep integration with Salesforce.

What else can you track and visualize with our deep integration with Salesforce? When it comes to leads, sales & revenue, almost anything:

  • Closed and won opportunities
  • Win/loss rate
  • Open activities (demos, calls, emails)
  • Sales cycle
  • Deal type
Salesforce CRM Salesforce CRM metrics included in this template
  • Closed and Pending

  • Converted Leads

    Number of Converted Leads during the specified Date Range.

  • Opportunities >51% Chance Source

  • Expected Revenue

    Expected Revenue during the specified Date Range.

  • New Leads by Lead Source

    Number of New Leads during the specified Date Range split up by Lead Source.

  • Open Opportunities Amount by Stage Name

    Total Open Opportunities Amount during the specified Date Range split up by Owner. No historical data is available from before the initial connection.

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