YouTube Watch Time Performance Dashboard Template

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Use this free dashboard template to measure and analyze the total amount of time viewers spend watching your videos on Youtube. See the amount of watch time your videos have accumulated and find out which videos resulted in you gaining or losing subscribers

Uses one-click integrations:

  • YouTube YouTube

If you don’t use YouTube, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this YouTube Watch Time Performance Dashboard Template

Connect your YouTube account and learn:

  • How do I track the total amount of time my viewers spend watching my videos? See the accumulated amount of time your viewers have spent watching your videos. Measure how engaging your videos are by how much time your viewers spend consuming your video content on a daily basis.
  • How many subscribers does my YouTube channel have? See how many Youtube subscribers your channel gained or lost in the last 30 days. Track the exact number of subscribers your Youtube channel has in real-time. Keeping track of your subscribers’ data is important as it lets you know how many people will potentially get to see your channel’s content.
  • How many times have my videos been watched this month? See the total number of times your YouTube videos have been viewed in the last 30 days. Video views are important as it lets you know if your videos are getting watched or not, the more views your videos get the higher your chances of ranking high in search.
  • How much of my YouTube Watch Time comes from desktop, mobile, or tablet? View the cumulative amount of time your videos have been viewed by people who use mobile, desktop, and tablets. If viewers who watch your content on Tablet spend more time consuming your content than the others, this information is useful to know when creating future content.

Pull additional data using our integration with YouTube.

What other YouTube metrics can you track and visualize with our integration with YouTube?

  • Identify your traffic sources
  • Learn audience demographics
  • Viewer retention
  • Social media engagement
  • Subscriber count
  • Video engagement
  • YouTube referrals, and more.

There are numerous metrics and metric combinations you can track using YouTube. And in Databox, you can quickly visualize dozens of YouTube metrics in a variety of different ways.

Read more about Databox’s Google Analytics integration.

YouTube YouTube metrics included in this template
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