Pardot Opportunities & Prospects Overview Dashboard Template

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Use this free dashboard template to track your opportunities and prospects. Get a holistic view of their growth and ensure your campaigns are hitting all goals.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • Pardot Pardot

If you don’t use Pardot, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this Pardot Opportunities & Prospects Overview Dashboard template

With this Pardot dashboard template, you’ll be able to see how your most important lead metrics are trending over time. Monitoring the growth of your opportunities and prospects by campaign and dig deeper into your data––connect your Salesforce Pardot account to learn:

  • What is your overall opportunity & prospect growth and how is it trending over time? Knowing how your marketing funnel is evolving over time helps you determine your future steps and campaigns. Learn what’s working and use it to your advantage.
  • How many opportunities are my email campaigns generating? Is there a relationship between the number of people opening your emails and the number of new opportunities generated? Gain a better understanding of how your email campaigns influence acquisition and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Who are my prospects, and what do they do? Track your prospects by company and country to see where your marketing and sales efforts are having the most impact and adjust your campaigns based on what you learn.
  • Is my visitor-to-prospect-rate increasing or decreasing over time? Easily track the number of visitors that became prospects and compare current trends to previous periods to see if you’re increasing engagement over time. If not, make adjustments where they matter most.

Pull additional data using our deep integration with Salesforce Pardot

What else can you track and visualize with our deep integration with Salesforce Pardot?

When it comes to lead management and email campaigns, almost anything:

  • Prospect demographics
  • Campaign cost and performance
  • The conversion rate(s) throughout your marketing and sales funnel(s)
  • Track and compare the efficiency of your marketing campaigns
  • Monitor campaign improvements and growth over time

There are many, many different metrics and metric combinations you can track using Salesforce Pardot. With Databox, you can quickly visualize several Pardot metrics in various ways, alongside all the important metrics from other data sources you’re using.

Read more about Databox's Salesforce Pardot integration.

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Pardot Pardot metrics included in this template
  • Total Campaigns

    Total Campaigns shows the overall number of marketing campaigns that have been created in a Pardot account. It includes all active, archived and completed campaigns.

  • Forms

    The Forms metric measures the number of times a Pardot form has been submitted, indicating the level of engagement with a company's marketing campaigns.

  • Opportunities

    The Opportunities metric in Pardot measures the revenue potential of sales opportunities associated with a prospect or customer.

  • Opportunities Amount by Campaign

    Opportunities Amount by Campaign is a performance metric in Pardot that measures the total value of opportunities generated from a specific marketing campaign.

  • Opportunities by Campaign

    Opportunities by Campaign is a Pardot metric that measures the number of closed deals and revenue generated by each marketing campaign.

  • Prospects

    The Prospects metric in Pardot counts the number of unique individuals who have shown interest in your brand by filling out a form, visiting a landing page or engaging with your marketing efforts.

  • Prospects by Campaign

    The Prospects by Campaign metric shows the number of prospects generated by each marketing campaign, helping to measure the effectiveness of different marketing efforts.

  • Average Opportunity Amount

  • Total Visitors

    The Total Visitors metric in Pardot provides the total number of unique visitors to a website over a specific period of time. It can help track website traffic and analyze visitor behavior to optimize marketing strategies.

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Sometimes, you’ll want to dive deeper into performance. When you need to customize this template (or any other dashboard) to include different metrics, add metrics from different sources, etc., you can do so by using Databox’s Dashboard Designer.

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