Wistia + Google Analytics

This dashboard shows both internal Wistia and Google Analytics metrics to reveal the impact of video on site behavior.

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Used one-click connectors:

  • Google Analytics Google Analytics
  • Wistia Wistia

If you don’t use Google Analytics or Wistia, we can pull data from 50+ cloud data sources. And you can push your own data too (API Docs).

Learn how video affects site behavior

  • How many total plays do your videos receive?
  • What are your top videos?
  • How many sessions include a video play?
  • How many sessions include an email form submission?

Key Metrics

  • Total Plays, Visitors
  • Top Videos by Plays
  • Play Rate by Video
  • Performance by Ad
  • Sessions w/ a Video Play
  • Sessions w/ an Email Submission