Content Improvement Databoard

Databox by Databox

This dashboard gives you three key pieces of data that will help you improve the content on your site: your highest converting pages, your most-clicked keywords, and your CTRs by keyword.

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Used one-click connectors:

  • Google Analytics Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console Google Search Console

If you don’t use Google Analytics or Google Search Console, we can pull data from 50+ cloud data sources. And you can push your own data too (API Docs).

  • Identify pages and posts with ineffective SEO titles and meta descriptions
  • See your highest-converting pages and posts at a glance
  • Find new keywords to target with new content
  • Monitor CTR by keyword

Key Metrics

  • Organic Goal Completions by Landing Page
  • Clicks By Queries
  • Click Through By Queries
  • Search Position By Queries