Scheduled Snapshots

Automated Performance Reviews 

Scheduled Snapshots give you automated insights into your performance. Schedule a snapshot of your dashboard(s) to be sent to anyone, at any time.

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After reading this guide, you’ll understand…

  • Set up Scheduled Snapshots
  • Monitor and share performance using Scheduled Snapshots
  • Archive your data using Scheduled Snapshots
Why Use Scheduled Snapshots?

Automated Insights  

You know monitoring your data is important—but it can be easier said than done. Without automated updates, you may find yourself…

  • Forgetting to check in on data: It can be tough to remember to check in on your metrics amidst your busy day-to-day responsibilities. 
  • Missing out on key insights: You may be missing critical trends in your data that could help you make better decisions and drive better results.

Scheduled Snapshots are an easy way to stay on top of your data. These automated updates will help you…

  • Stay on top of your performance: Get regular updates of your key dashboards straight to your email inbox or Slack. 
  • Share progress with your team or clients: Regular reminders make it easy to share updates with your team—shareable links are also available for each Scheduled Snapshot. 
  • Archive historical data: Scheduled Screenshots provide you with an archive of key historical data so you can easily pull on past performance. 
How To Use Scheduled Snapshots

Set up Scheduled Snapshots

Let’s set up your first scheduled snapshot! Go to the Notifications tab in your Databox account, and click on Scheduled Snapshots at the top of the screen. Click on the green + Schedule New button in the top right corner.


From here, the setup screen for your snapshot will appear. You can customize your Scheduled Snapshot fully from this page. Here are some of the things you can customize: 

  • Delivery Options: Have your scheduled snapshot sent via email or Slack.
  • Email Recipients: Enter the email addresses of anyone you want to receive the Snapshot. Databox users will pop up in the drop-down so you can add them easily. Scheduled Snapshots can be sent to non-Databox users as well—just enter their email address!
  • Frequency: Choose the cadence you want to receive your scheduled snapshot. Select quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily options. You can also choose the date and time of day you want the Snapshot sent.
  • Date Range: Select the date range you want to see data for in your Scheduled Snapshot. You can choose to see the date range currently set on the dashboard, or select a new date range to receive in the Snapshot.
  • Subject Line & Message: Add a custom subject line and message to accompany each Snapshot notification.
  • Shareable Link: You can choose to include a shareable link in the Scheduled Snapshot, which will allow you (and others) to share view-only access to your dashboard. 

Monitor & Share Performance Updates 

Monitor your data

Monitoring your data is critical for success. However, without systems in place, it’s easy to forget to check in on your dashboards. Scheduled Snapshots give you an easy way to check on your most important dashboards at a regular cadence. Have a few dashboards you want to keep a close eye on? You can create multiple Scheduled Snapshots for your different dashboards, and select different cadences 

Share your data 

Some of the best ideas are sparked by looking at data. Ensure your team and stakeholders not only have access to data, but are also getting regular updates with Scheduled Snapshots. This will help your team stay aligned around a single source of truth, and encourage data-driven discussions. 

Scheduled Snapshots give you a few easy ways to share updates with your team. You can send Scheduled Snapshots directly to stakeholders or your team via email. Simply input all the email addresses you want to receive this snapshot, even if they don’t have a Databox account! You can attach a personalized subject line and message to the snapshot email to add important business context. 

You can also include a shareable link with your Scheduled Snapshots. Each snapshot will include a view-only link to the dashboard that you can share with anyone. This is a great way to share these insights without including people in regular scheduled sends. 

Archive Historical Data  

Understanding your business’ historical data is important for evaluating past performance and setting strategy for the future. Scheduled snapshots provide you with data insights for a specific range in time. With all these saved in your email or Slack, it’s easy to find the data you need from previous weeks, months, quarters, or years.

You may also choose to download your snapshot, so you can keep them organized in a way that’s convenient for you and your team.

Tips & Tricks

Quick Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose JPEG or PDF ⬇️

    You can choose to receive your Scheduled Snapshot in PDF or JPEG format—so you can choose whichever format is easiest for you to share or save!

  2. Use Scheduled Snapshots To Prep For Recurring Meetings ⬇️

    Have a recurring meeting you know you need specific insights for? Never show up unprepared again! Scheduled Snapshots are a great way to ensure you receive the updates you need before your meeting, automatically. Select the time and cadence of the Snapshot so it arrives in time for you to review it for your meeting.

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