Report Account Templates

Create Account Templates To Standardize Your Reporting Process

It’s easy to get bogged down with repetitive reporting tasks, especially when you’re recreating the same reports month after month. Report Account Templates allow you to create and save personalized templates within your account, ready to be reused by you or your team whenever needed.

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After reading this guide, you’ll understand…

  • How to create account templates to standardize reporting and save time
  • How to edit account templates to fine-tune your data
  • Ways to use account templates to improve internal processes
Why Use Report Account Templates?

Cut Down On Reporting Time and Simplify Your Processes…

When it comes to reporting, the tasks can seem never-ending, especially when you’re having to recreate the same reports month after month. Dealing with such a long reporting process can make it hard for you to stay on top of all of those repetitive tasks. Without a way to create reusable templates, you’ll …

  • Struggle to keep things consistent – Your reports might end up with different formats, structures, and content across different client accounts or projects. 
  • Find it difficult to handle growth- if you can’t create standardized versions of your reports, your team will find it hard to create and manage reports for multiple clients.

Using Account Templates in Databox, you’ll be able to…

  • Streamline your processes – by creating reusable templates, your team will be able to improve efficiency and manage a larger number of client reports without compromising quality. 
  • Automate your reports –  you’ll be able to keep your reports looking consistent and professional, regardless of who created them. Never worry about metrics, visualizations, and branding elements again!
How to use report account templates

How To Save a Report As An Account Template

Whether you’re an agency looking to streamline your processes or an individual wanting to create standardized Reports for your organization, Report Account Templates are the easiest way to start automating your reporting workflow. 

By navigating to the Reports page in-app, you’ll be able to create templates that can be reused at the click of a button. 

The quickest way to Save a Report as an Account Template is by hovering over the Report you want to save and clicking the three dots (). Then, from the dropdown menu, select Save as Template. 

Finally, you’ll want to give your template a name and press Save.


How To Use a Report Account Template

Report Account Templates are a valuable tool for any type of business. For agencies, account templates make client reporting easier and more efficient. For example, instead of creating Reports for each client, agencies can save Reports as templates to create a single Report that highlights the value of their services. 

For organizations, Report Account Templates are a great way to create standardized reports that help track different initiatives or projects. With this, organizations can maintain a consistent format, making it easier to analyze and compare data.

To use a Report Account Template, navigate to Reports and click the Account Template tab. Then, you’ll want to: 

  •  Use the filters or search bar to find the template you want to use 
  • Click Use Template 
  • Select the Data Source you want to use to populate your Report with data or connect the relevant Data Source

Once your Report has loaded, you’ll be able to customize it to further meet your data needs!


How To Edit a Report Account Template

As your business grows and your strategies shift, it’s only natural for your Reports to go through changes as well. Maybe you’ve added new services that need tracking, or perhaps you’ve fine-tuned the way you track your data.

No matter the reason, you’ll be able to edit your Report account templates to make sure they accurately reflect these changes. 

From the Reports page, click the Account Template tab. Then hover over the template and click Edit to open the Report Editor.

In the Report Editor, you’ll be able to add new slide types, update the visual elements, include insights and notes, rearrange the slides, and so much more!

Tips & Tricks

Quick Tips & Tricks

  1. Rearrange Report Account Templates To Improve Efficiency ⬇️

    From the Account Templates tab, you’ll be able to rearrange the order of your account templates. This means you can prioritize the reports that you access the most or consider most important. By organizing your templates in a way that works best for you, you’ll be able to improve efficiency in your reporting process.

  2. Preview Your Report Account Template With Dummy Data ⬇️

    By pressing Preview, you’ll get a sneak peek into how your Reports will look once they are populated with data. By seeing the template with dummy data, you’ll be able to visualize the layout, formatting, and overall presentation of your reports to make sure it delivers the right impact.

  3. Use Tags To Organize Your Report Account Template ⬇️

    With tags, you’ll be able to group your Report Account Templates based on specific criteria so you can easily sort and filter your templates. Whether you want to group templates by report type, services, or other custom categories, tags will give you the flexibility to organize your workflow.

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