FreshBooks Cash Overview Dashboard Template

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Streamline your business with our FreshBooks Cash Overview Dashboard template! You can now track Paid, Total, Overdue, Outstanding, and draft invoices. This dashboard offers immediate analysis of expenses and cash flow. It supports businesses in profit and loss, revenue, and expense management categories, reaffirming sound financial tactics. Make adept decisions, foster growth, and ensure profitability.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • FreshBooks FreshBooks

If you don’t use FreshBooks, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this FreshBooks Cash Overview Dashboard Template

By connecting your FreshBooks account, you’ll learn:

  • How do you keep track of your invoices? Having a clear breakdown of your invoice-related metrics like Total Invoices, Total Invoice Amounts, Paid Invoices, and Overdue Invoices will give you a great insight into day to day cash flow of your business. And if you notice discrepancies in the numbers in real time, you can easily drill deeper and remove the cause.
  • Which categories bring in the most cash income? Dig deeper to see which part of your business brings in the most cash income. This can help you reorganize better and see which areas you want to develop further.
  • How many clients do you have at any given time? Keep an eye on your client number in real time. If there is a steady rise, you can sit back and watch the numbers climb. However, if you notice either a sudden or gradual drop, it is time to find out why.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your profitability. Query the essence of your cash profitability by examining your cash gross profit. It shows you the cash profit earned by your business after deducting the cost of goods sold from its revenue. It represents the amount of money left after accounting for the direct expenses associated with producing and selling a particular product or service.

Pull additional data using our robust integration with FreshBooks.

What other campaign metrics can you track and visualize with our integration with FreshBooks? Almost anything:

  • Total Tax Amount
  • Paid Invoices
  • Total Clients
  • Billable Hours
  • Vendors and more

In Databox, there are dozens of FreshBooks metrics already built and ready for you to visualize in a variety of different ways. With the use of Metrics Builder and Data Calculations, the range of different metrics and metric combinations you can track from FreshBooks widens. Read more about Databox’s FreshBooks integration.

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FreshBooks FreshBooks metrics included in this template
  • Draft Invoices

    Draft Invoices metric tracks the number of invoices that are still in draft status and have not been issued or sent to clients.

  • Gross Profit (Cash)

    The Gross Profit (Cash) metric represents the total revenue generated by a business minus the cost of goods sold, providing a snapshot of the profitability before considering other expenses and taxes.

  • Income (Cash) by Category

    Number of People who saw your Ads at least once during the specified Date Range split up by Campaigns.

  • Net Profit (Cash)

    Net Profit (Cash) is a financial metric that represents the amount of money a business has left after deducting all cash expenses from its revenue. It indicates the profitability of a company and its ability to generate positive cash flow.

  • Outstanding Invoices

    The Outstanding Invoices metric represents the total amount of unpaid invoices yet to be received from clients.

  • Overdue Invoices

    The Overdue Invoices metric tracks the number of unpaid invoices that are past their due date according to the Invoice Report.

  • Overdue Invoices Amount

    The Overdue Invoices Amount metric refers to the total outstanding balance of invoices that have not been paid by their due dates.

  • Total Clients

    Total Clients is a metric that represents the sum of all unique clients a business has interacted with. It provides a snapshot of the size and growth of a customer base.

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