Connect Even More Tools with Databox

Looking to push even more data into Databox? Databox’s Custom API Integrations and REST API are here to make that happen. Go beyond what’s natively available with Databox and create more advanced metrics using our new API tools.

More of the Integrations You Want

Explore 30+ new integrations you can connect with Databox via the custom API. With some basic technical skills, you can pull data from these platforms directly into your Databox account and create a wide variety of custom metrics—all without the need for third-party tools like Zapier or Integromat.

Explore available Custom API Integrations

Connect With Ease

Connecting Custom API Integrations is easy. Simply log-in to the data source from the Databox interface using OAuth or by entering your API key from the tool.

How to connect Custom API Integrations

Connect (Almost) Anything with REST API

You may want to connect tools that aren’t offered natively or as Custom API Integrations. If your team has more advanced technical skills, you can use the REST API to connect any API with Databox.

Learn more about REST API here

Create Better Metrics

Create more robust metrics through Custom API Integrations. All you need are some basic JSONata skills to pull data from the integration’s API and build the advanced metrics you need for your business.

Learn how to build metrics through Custom API