Basic ROI Calculator

A quick way to measure profit generated from an investment relative to its cost to see if your investment is worth it.

About ROI Calculator

What is the ROI?

Return on Investment, often abbreviated as ROI, is a key metric that measures the profit generated from an investment relative to its cost. It’s instrumental in comparing the efficiency of different investments, aiding in making informed choices tailored to one’s financial goals and risk preferences. By evaluating the costs and potential hidden fees, you can ensure maximum returns.


What is ROI Calculator?

An ROI Calculator is an online tool that shows you how profitable an investment might be. You enter the cost of your investment and the money you expect to make. The calculator then gives you a percentage that represents your profit or loss. It’s a quick way to see if an investment is worth it.



Why use the ROI calculator?

Use the ROI calculator to compare the profitability of different investments and assess the efficiency of your investment.
By calculating the ROI for multiple investment options, you can determine which investment is likely to give you the best return, and whether your investment is paying off and how efficiently it is doing so.



How is ROI calculated?

ROI is calculated using the following formula:
(Amount Returned – Amount Invested) / Amount Invested * 100%

Where the result is expressed in percentages. A positive ROI indicates the gains outweighed the costs. While a negative ROI means the costs weren’t fully recovered.



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Revenue Churn Rate

Revenue Churn Rate measures the amount of revenue lost from canceled or downgraded subscriptions over a given period of time.

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Churned Customers measures the rate at which customers stop using a company’s product or service within a certain period of time. It is an important metric for subscription-based businesses to track customer retention and identify areas for improvement.

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New Customers

New Customers metric represents the number of unique customers who have made their first payment or transaction with your business within a given time period.


Can ROI be negative?

Yes, a negative ROI indicates that the investment resulted in a loss relative to its cost.

How do I increase my ROI?

Increasing your ROI can be achieved by increasing profits, reducing costs, or a combination of both.

Are there any limitations using online ROI calculator?

This online ROI calculator provides a simplified view of your investments and doesn’t account for factors like inflation, taxes, or other costs associated with the investment.

Is a higher ROI always better?

Generally, a higher ROI indicates a more profitable investment. However, other factors like risk, time frame, and the overall investment strategy should also be considered.


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