Return on Ad Spend Calculator

Measure the profitability of your advertising campaign through revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising.

About ROAS Calculator

What is ROAS calculator?

ROAS online calculator is a digital tool designed to help advertisers and marketers determine the effectiveness of their advertising investments by indicating how much revenue is generated for every dollar spent on advertising.

How to calculate ROAS?

ROAS is calculated by comparing the Expected Revenue with Campaign Budget. It indicates the potential  revenue earned for every dollar spent on the campaign.

ROAS = Expected Revenue / Campaign Budget

What is Expected Revenue?

Expected Revenue is the total revenue you anticipate as a direct result of your advertising campaign and it can come from sales, sign-ups, or other revenue-generating engagement activities from your users.

How to determine Campaign Budget?

Campaign Budget is the total amount of money spent or allocated for the specific advertising campaign and it includes costs like ad placements, creatives, and any other related expenses.

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What is the difference between Advertising ROI and ROAS?


  • Advertising ROI and ROAS, while sometimes used interchangeably, serve different purposes. ROI offers a broad perspective on how an ad campaign impacts overall business profit, while ROAS zooms in on the direct revenue generated per advertising dollar.
  • When combined, they provide a comprehensive understanding of your ad campaign’s success and value.


Why is ROAS important?

ROAS helps businesses and advertisers measure the efficacy of their advertising efforts.

The value of ROAS greater than 1 indicates that the campaign generated more revenue than its costs, while a value less than 1 suggests the campaign did not break even.

What data or inputs do I need to provide?


Typically, you need to enter the total revenue generated from the advertising campaign and the total amount spent on the campaign.


How to improve Facebook Ad ROAS?

Crafting compelling ad content and identifying the right target audience have the greatest positive impact on improving Facebook Ads ROAS.


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