Percentage Growth Rate Calculator

Calculate your growth rate over the specified time period based on the initial and final value.

About Growth Rate Calculator

What is Growth Rate?

Growth rate is a percentage that expresses how a quantity (like revenue, number of customers, or inventory) increases or decreases over time, often measured on an annual basis.

Why use the Growth Rate Calculator?

Growth rate calculator is useful when analyzing growth from one period to the next or when comparing growth rates between different metrics for the same period. When using CAGR formula, it is especially handy when comparing the growth over multiple periods for different investments or business metrics.

What is the Growth Rate Calculator?

A growth rate calculator is a tool that helps you determine the rate at which a particular metric or value has grown over a specific period of time.

How is Growth Rate calculated?

Growth Rate is calculated by using compound annual growth rate formula (CAGR):

CAGR = (Future Value / Present Value) ^ (1/Time period) − 1

How to track Growth Metrics in Databox?

Databox is a business analytics software that allows you to track and visualize your most important metrics from any data source in one centralized platform.


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Engaged Sessions

Engaged Sessions is a Google Analytics 4 metric that measures the number of sessions where users engaged with the website or app. Engagement is defined as the amount of time spent actively interacting with the content, such as scrolling, clicking, or watching videos.

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Sessions are a collection of interactions that take place on a website within a specified time frame. Each session can include multiple pageviews, events, and other actions taken by a user.


What is compound annual growth rate (CAGR)?

Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) depicts the cumulative performance of a particular variable over a significant period of time and is used to measure the relative profitability of businesses.

How accurate is this calculator?

While the calculator provides a good estimate, results should be taken as guidance and might not account for all real-world variables.

What is the difference between simple and compound growth?

With simple growth, your business results increase by the same percentage each year calculated from a base year. While, compound growth calculates the gains based on the added results from the prior period. In investments, this is called earning interest on your interest.

How do I estimate initial values if I don’t have exact numbers?

If you’re unsure about the exact numbers, use an average or an estimate that best represents your situation. However, if you use any services collecting data, you could connect them to Databox and have a better overview of your performance.

What does a negative growth rate mean?

A negative growth rate indicates a decline or reduction.

How do I interpret the results?

Results provide an estimate of how values change over time based on the provided data.


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