HubSpot (Customers by Source)

Databox by Databox

This dashboard gives you insight as to what sources lead to the most customers. With that information, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

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Used one-click connectors:

  • HubSpot Marketing HubSpot Marketing

If you don’t use HubSpot Marketing, we can pull data from 50+ cloud data sources. And you can push your own data too (API Docs).

Where do your customers come from?

Track the efficiency of traffic from different channels
  • See which sources bring the most customers
  • Examine conversion rate for each source
  • Dig deeper into individual sources that result in customers
  • Decide on your most productive sources

Key Metrics

  • Customers / Visits by Source, Visit to Customer Conversion Rate
  • Top Referral Sources
  • Top Organic Sources
  • Customers by Referrals, Customers by Organic Search