Use Data to Acquire, Retain and Grow Client Revenue

Join the Databox Partner Program to grab your client’s attention with real-time updates on marketing data and automated reporting

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Tell the story of your clients’ marketing successes with data

Acquire new clients. Use our 1-click templates (or create your own) to put together client pitches centered around actionable suggestions.

Retain current clients. Show your client you are exceeding goals without spending hours on a static, and dated-as-soon as it’s created monthly report.

Grow your accounts. Use data visualization to show where further work will deliver the highest ROI. Learn new ways to analyze and present data to support upselling.

Databox Business Analytics platform: Mobile Android and iOS Apps, TV Office Dashboard Datawall, Apple Watch, Cloud service connectors

Monitor all your client’s KPIs in one place

Databox makes it easy to keep all your clients’ key metrics front and center for your team and your clients - no matter where they’re stored and what device you’re using. From Google Analytics, SEMRush and HubSpot to your own custom data warehouse, integrating your data is a breeze with Databox.

Agency Distribution: multiple client accounts for analytics

Create, setup and access multiple client accounts quickly

Maximize your time and stay on top of multiple client accounts in one place.

Choose from dozens of pre-built data connectors and share reports automatically. Connect to several data sources in seconds.

No more manual data gathering.

All the features for a modern reporting process

  • Branding. Create custom, co-branded experiences for each of your clients or for your agency.

  • Big screen or desktop. View metrics from your computer or put it in your office on big screens.

  • Mobile 100% native. Our native mobile app (Android, IOS) deliver alerts based on custom triggers you set, not to mention all your data visualized just like on desktop.

  • Fully customizable. Customize your views by adding metrics or changing visualizations at any time.

  • Powerful, yet simple. Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to pull together the right metrics.

  • Client management. Set access and permissioning for each of your clients from one place.

Apply to the Databox Partner Program

Join the Databox Partner Program to grab your client’s attention with real-time updates on marketing data and automated reporting.

1-click data connectors: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Localytics, Twitter, Intercom, Facebook, Wistia, Chartbeat, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Paypal, Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and more

Robust Connectors for All Top Agency Services

Never stare at a spreadsheet or screenshot again

A Program Focused on Driving Agency Revenue

Our team has driven $100 million+ of revenue for agencies. Learn from our experience.

  • New leads through the Template Directory
  • Co-marketing program
  • Webinar training
  • Exclusive access to new marketing services
  • Guides on retention, upselling