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Track important KPIs and monitor progress toward goals for every client on one screen.

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Databox Client Performance screen to track all KPIs

Track KPIs for every client on one screen

Track the top KPIs and Goals for all of your clients in one place, so you know where to focus your efforts without all the effort of logging in and out of multiple tools and client portals.

Client goal monitoring

Monitor results in-between reporting periods

Don’t wait until reporting time to make sure you’re on track to deliver the results you promised. Identify when you’re below target before it’s too late and make adjustments as you go. Modify a client’s strategy or reallocate internal resources to ensure all clients are improving month over month and on target to goals you’ve set.

Accountable employees for client results

Hold your agency employees accountable to client results

Make internal account review meetings a breeze. Quickly review how every client is performing vs previous time periods and against goals with your entire team -- no prep work required. During your meeting, stop scrounging for data and spend time helping your account managers devise the marketing strategies that will ensure client results are solid and client meetings go well.

Different sources for different clients

Track different metrics for different clients

Not every client cares about the same metrics, hires you for the same services, or uses the same software to track their performance. Now, you can track each client’s unique needs on one screen to monitor whether their KPIs are moving in the right direction and you’re hitting the performance targets you’ve committed to.

Visibility across client accounts

Visibility across accounts

Create the optimal view for everyone in the agency. Filter by account manager to review their work. Tag clients by service offering (or anything else) to quickly see how each delivery team is performing.

Easier knowledge sharing

Make knowledge sharing easier

Positively impact accounts across the board and spread knowledge across the team by pulling insights from their individual account silos into Client Performance.

Databox Client KPIs and Goals toggle

Toggle between client KPIs and Goals

View current performance for all of your client accounts, as well as current progress toward the client goals your team is working toward, with just a quick toggle. Now you have everything you need to quickly track client goals, as well as current progress toward those goals, in one place.

Set up your view in Client Performance

Choose a data source, connect your data, and start visualizing your data in seconds.

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