The San Francisco housing crisisAmerica’s most expensive city

The Spotlight: It’s no secret that San Francisco is an expensive place to live. But with housing prices going through the roof and eviction rates on the rise, the bay area is facing a massive housing crisis.

In 2015, San Francisco was the most expensive rental market in the US.

2015 median one-bedroom rent

Housing prices in San Francisco, USA

Prices have been on the rise for years. In four years, the median price of an apartment increased 50%,
with a CAGR of nearly 11%!

Median price of an apartment in San Francisco

Source: Priceonomics

And it’s not about getting more bang for your buck. The price per square foot on rentals has increased 70% since 2011.


No wonder nearly 43% of renters put more than 30% of
their income
towards rent in 2011.

Source: SF Gate

evictions on the rise in SF

Even still, evictions have increased an average of 20% each year since 2011.

Want to buy instead of rent? Good luck. The median price for a single-family home or condo in San Francisco recently surpassed $1 million.

Source: SF Gate

In 2016, San Francisco home values are predicted to increase nearly 68% from 2012 - that’s a CAGR of nearly 14%!

Source: Zillow

In fact, it’s gotten so ridiculous that a 180 sq ft shack was recently on the market for $1.99M in nearby suburb Palo Alto.

Source: CNN

Perhaps it’s no surprise that islands and castles are occasionally more affordable than San Francisco real estate.

Castle Italy 16,145 $2.7M
Island Mexico 435,600 $3M
Condo San Francisco 3,600 $3M

Source: Upout and BuzzFeed