The MarTech boomDoes more tech mean better results?

The Spotlight: There are a ridiculous number of tools available for marketers today, especially for marketing automation. But just because the technology is out there doesn’t mean it’s getting the job done. So who IS using marketing automation? And is it improving their results?

Marketing tech vendors

The number of marketing tech vendors has grown 1,776% in less than four years.

Source: Chiefmartec Marketing Technology Landscape 2012, 2014 & 2015.

By 2014, over 200 of those marketing technology vendors focused on marketing automation.

Source: Capterra

Marketing automation is growing fast, with 50% year over year revenue growth for the last few years and a total market estimated at $1.8B.

Source: Raab Report

Leads by vehicle

And no wonder. Marketing automation is more effective than regular ol’ email.

Yet 44% of marketers have never heard of it.

In fact generic “email blasts” are the most popular marketing tool.

Key marketing tools in 2015

Despite the fact that year over year CTR performance has been declining steadily.

Source: Experian

Still, marketing automation is catching on.
34% of marketers are trying it this year.

Which is great, since marketing automation increases conversions for more than three-quarters of users!

Source: VentureBeat