Internet trendsKey Points from Mary Meeker's 2015 Report

The Spotlight: Two online trends are crystal clear: connectivity has shifted from the desktop to mobile devices, and more content is consumed through video than ever before. Lesson learned for marketers everywhere: if you’re not thinking about mobile and video - ideally, video on mobile! - start now.

The percent of the world’s population that’s online has
grown 65x in the last two decades:



And though the growth rate of Internet adoption has slowed in recent years, there are still 200 million people a year coming online for the first time.

Year % growth in internet adoption
2014 8%
2013 10%
2012 11%

In 2014, the total number of Internet users across
the globe was 2.8 billion.

The composition of people online has shifted
dramatically since 1995, too.

But relative to their total populations, the US, Europe and China are
still much more connected than the rest of the world.

% of internet users vs. world population

  • % of internet users
  • % of world population

Mobile adoption is growing even more rapidly.

% world’s population with mobile phones.

(80 million)


(5.2 billion)


And along with mobile adoption, smartphone use is increasing. There are 2.1B smartphone users globally - 29% of the world’s population.

And 370 million new users are
adopting smartphones each year.

In the US, nearly two-thirds of the country’s population now have smartphones.

% US adults with smartphones

At the same time, the number of hours US adults spend online on their desktops has stayed fairly steady.

Time spent online on desktop

Yet the overall amount of time US adults spend online is increasing.

Overall time spent online

Because the amount of time US adults spend online on their mobile devices is growing significantly.

Time spent online on mobile

In 2014, US adults spent more time online via their phone than their
desktops for the first time.

% world’s population online

Hrs/day online via desktop

Hrs/day online via mobile

In addition to the shift in where people are consuming content online, the formats they’re consuming it in are also changing. Video accounts for nearly two-thirds of consumer web traffic.

Year % Internet traffic from video
2014 64%
2013 62%
2012 57%

Daily Facebook Video Views

The appetite for video content is tough to exaggerate. The number of daily video views on Facebook increased 4x in 6 months.

That’s right: 4 billion videos are viewed on
Facebook. Every. Single. Day.

And given the overall trends, it’s not surprising that 3 out of 4 of those videos on Facebook are watched from mobile devices.