What is a Datablock?

A Datablock is the primary information holder, visualizing a specific metric from the data integration.

There are many different visual representations (pie chart, line graph, etc.) to choose from, and you can customize the time period and other characteristics as well. To add, remove, or customize your datablocks, just visit the Databox Designer.
Below is a table of supported datablocks, with examples of the corresponding datablocks from a Google Analytics integration.

Datablock Metric example
Main Main Sessions
Conversion rate
Bounce rate
Number Number Conversion rate
Line chart Line chart Sessions
Bar chart Bar chart Bounce rate
Table Table Users
Avg session duration
Conversion rate
Pie chart Pie chart Traffic by channels
Compare Compare numbers Goal completion rates
Interval Interval numbers Active users
Pipeline Pipeline Sales pipeline
Funnel Funnel Conversion funnel
Progress Progress Sales goal
Combo Combo chart Visitors vs. Unique visitors
Heatmap Heat map Active users
This article was last updated on January 25, 2017