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Quick-Start Onboarding for Marketing Agencies

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Reporting with Databox is easy

Quick Start Onboarding is the fastest way to get Databox setup and the most-assured way to drive usage across your agency.

Based on your agency’s reporting needs, Databox experts will automate your client reporting process by creating your first 10 dashboards, setting up goals and configuring actionable notifications for you.

We'll start by reviewing your existing client report process including:
  • Software you're using to deliver services
  • Metrics you're tracking to demonstrate impact
  • Goals you've set for each client
From there we'll make recommendations on how to improve your existing process and then set up your Agency and Client Accounts including the creation of:
  • 10 Re-useable Databoard Templates We’ll create your first 10 Databoards in your Agency Account. These Databoards can be used as Master Templates that you can clone into each Client Account without having to recreate them. Learn more about how this works here.
  • Goals
  • Alerts
  • Scorecards
After set up is complete we'll:
  • Review what's been created
  • Explain the specific features & functionality used
  • Make up to 1 round of edits to your first 10 Databoards

Once the Databoards are finalized, we’ll teach you how to make data-monitoring and analysis a part of your daily, weekly and monthly routine. At the end of the Quick Start Onboarding, you'll be actively managing your Client reporting on Databox.

Quick Start Onboarding starts immediately upon purchase and last 60 days. As with all our customers, you also have access to our Support team and Knowledge Base.

Quick Start Agency Onboarding will help you get setup as quickly and as effectively as possible, seeing time-savings and driving better client results.

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