Databox Query builder

Pull custom metrics without data manipulation

With Query Builder, you can pull custom metrics to get a more granular view of your company’s performance.

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Query Builder is available with the following integrations:
Visualizing any metric from any source in Databox

Pull custom metrics

Sometimes the preconfigured metrics from the tools you use aren’t enough. Use dimensions and filters to build custom metrics that allow you to pull more granular performance insights. With Query Builder, anyone can build the specific metrics they need without any engineering work.

Databox Query Builder for Custom Metrics

No development work required

Query Builder is a fully UI-powered tool, so you won’t need to learn any new query languages or even have to write a line of code at all. Anyone on your team can use Query Builder to build custom metrics in just a few clicks.

Report on campaign-level KPIs with Databox Query Builder

Report on campaign-level KPIs

Map results back to the specific campaigns that drove them. For example, instead of reporting on sessions and signups, use Query Builder to build metrics that report sessions and signups driven by specific campaigns, advertisements, emails, and more.

Segment your audience with Databox Query Builder

Segment your audience

By knowing more about your audience, you can create more effective and personalized campaigns. Create custom metrics that show you website visitors from specific geolocations, or the amount of organic traffic coming from mobile devices, bounce rate by landing page, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Pull historical data with Databox Query Builder

Pull more historical data

Compare data from any custom metric that you build against data from previous time periods, allowing you to track and report on historical data. Also, use Query Builder to pull more historical data for metrics Databox pulls by default.

Extra insights for paid advertising metrics with Databox Query Builder

Improved insights for your paid advertising

Need more advanced metrics for gauging the success of your paid advertising campaigns? Use Query Builder to create custom metrics like reach by ad, link clicks by ad, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Start using Query Builder

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