Databox Monitor all of your important metrics on one screen

Monitor all of your important metrics on one screen

You don’t need multiple dashboards to track performance. Now, everyone in your company can see performance trends in one place.

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Metrics screen showing upward, downward trends and daily fluctuation for multiple time periods

Spot company performance Issues at a glance

No need to bounce between different systems and different dashboards just to see how your key performance indicators are trending. In Databox’s Metrics Screen, you can see upward and downward trends and daily fluctuation on one screen for multiple time periods. Spot and address underperformance and recognize and reward great performance in minutes each day.

Instantly visualizing new metrics from Metric Library

Visualize new metrics in minutes

Instantly visualize any of 3,100+ metrics from our 70+ integrations in 1-click, simply by browsing and selecting metrics from our Metrics Library. Additionally, track any metrics you’ve created from data stored in a Google Spreadsheet, SQL Database or any data you push via our API.

Metrics Screen

Align your team around the right metrics and goals

With the Metrics Screen, your team will have a central place to agree upon the metrics that matter most, set goals against them, monitor their performance, and more. Invite your team to add their metrics and remove this information from the individual silos it lives in (spreadsheets, slides) and get everyone on the same page (literally).

Metrics tagging

Make it easy for everyone to monitor the metrics they need with tags

Make it easier for your team to monitor the metrics most relevant to them by tagging each metric by department, initiative or any other categorization that makes sense to you. In addition to the custom tags you create, your team can also filter Metrics by data source or by the individual who added it.

Adding a group of metrics from Metrics Screen to a new or existing Databoard

Build multi-device dashboards and set goals and alerts in 1-click

The Metrics screen is a launching pad into the rest of Databox. Need a Databoard you can view on any device, share via email, embed into a website or slide? Once you add metrics to your Metrics screen, you can add a group of metrics to a new or existing Databoard in just 1-click. You can also set goals and setup performance alerts directly from the Metrics screen.

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