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full-service inbound marketing agency

Weidert Group works to discover a smarter approach to business growth by attracting new customers using inbound marketing and HubSpot. We have significant experience, a history of demonstrated success, and we know firsthand that the most effective marketing comes from a detailed grasp of all areas of the business. We understand the motivations, needs and functions of B2B organizations’ customers, operations, sales, and finance.

Ideal customer:

SMBs in all things industrial: heavy manufacturing, industrial/commercial financial and professional services, industrial SaaS, industrial distribution. The ideal client has the critical mass to commit to a comprehensive inbound program and the growth aspirations to make the commitment a sound investment.

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This HubSpot Marketing template allows you to compare last year's KPIs to this year's KPIs to your own personal goals. Simultaneously, it gives you the opportunity to share notes on key takeaways.
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