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Data driven. Results focused.

We are a data-driven inbound marketing firm that develops and delivers effective marketing programs by leveraging our experience, market research and repeatable processes. We embrace tools and technology to be more effective, efficient and results-focused.

Ideal customer:

Manufacturers and/or independent insurance companies with 1-3 marketing people, a small sales team (5-25) and a yearly revenue of $10M – $50M.

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Templates by Stream Creative

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  • Google Analytics Landing Page & Lead Tracking
    Google Analytics Landing Page & Lead Tracking

    This dashboard helps you analyze your landing page down to every detail: traffic, sources, leads, bounce rate and more.

    Google Analytics
  • Semrush Keyword Mission Control
    Semrush Keyword Mission Control

    This dashboard is all about keywords. Track keyword ranking and changes, visibility trends to track keyword process based on CTR, plus organic search traffic monitoring. Designed to be easy for clients to read and understand.

    Google Analytics Semrush