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A Data-Driven Digital Marketing And Sales Agency Obsessed With Driving Revenue

Square 2 Marketing is a digital marketing and sales agency obsessed with driving revenue for our clients. Our mission is to help our clients build repeatable, scalable and predictable revenue-generating machines that leverage proven data-driven methods and perfectly match with today’s buyer behaviors.

Ideal customer:

We help B2B companies that are ready to start thinking differently about their marketing and sales programs and focus on achieving real business results, like leads, customers and revenue.

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Templates by Square 2 Marketing

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Social Media dashboard template shows activity across your 4 favorite social networks. It focuses on visitor and follower counts over various time periods.
HubSpot Marketing Facebook Pages Instagram Business LinkedIn Company Pages X (Twitter)
This dashboard pulls in metrics from HubSpot Mktg and Google Analytics to give a high level overview of how your website is performing.
HubSpot Marketing Google Universal Analytics
This databoard tracks different components of closed won deals in order to gauge success and predict future growth.
HubSpot Marketing HubSpot CRM